Growing Old Gracefully (Really)


by msabaye

For a big part of my life, I didn't think about growing old. The subject didn't concern me or interest me. Partly, because I never thought it would happen to me. And then, suddenly, totally unexpectedly, it did come to my mind.

I know it seems incredible how one could miss on such subject. But I was so busy dealing with abstract theories and relations that I missed on the most elementary, most obvious facts of life. That is one danger or joy of living in my own head.

As soon as I noticed the subject of growing old, I hated it. I did, really. Strength, vigor, looks, ... all seemed to gradually let go of me. And it didn't matter how hard I tried to cling. I got tired faster than before. I used to travel to three countries by a combination of air, railway, and sea within a week and go to work the following day after my return. I realized now I needed to slow down, plan more, and certainly leave room for pauses and rests. I didn't like that either. I wished I could die young. That way, I would always stayed young.

Just a while ago, I watched a film that changed my whole view. It was "All Passion Spent", an amazing tribute to old age with superb acting. After watching that, I came to terms with growing old. More than that, I grew fond of it. I thought of it as something to look forward to. A time when my life will seem like "a landscape I can pick any point I wish and reflect". That is what the main character in the film said: she now could reflect, could be free of all obligations, possessions, and worries. That she was wise helped of course. I see so many old people who have nothing to do; they look weary, grumpy, and tired or talk nonstop about past experiences or events that no one seems interested in. Probably there are various reasons for this, but I think planning will make a difference. And how one lives one's life at present.

I recommend the film and the reflection. It is well worth the time in a world where we are surrounded by caveats, warnings, and pressures to accomplish the impossible: to prevent ourselves from growing old or to hide it at all costs. Why not accept it and learn to enjoy it? That is what "All Passion Spent" taught me: When can one indulge oneself if not in old age?


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Is this the movie?

by Anonymouse on

All Passion Spent 

I think aging gracefully if you don't get caught up in the hoopla of all the ads and what others think and less of  I do it for myself to feel better, is a good thing and makes you live easier.

Once you witness the passing of a loved one you realize that we'll have our turn too so no sense working hard to "stop" it!  The more you "work" at it the busier you'll become with it and as a result time will go "faster".

Everything is sacred