Good Paella in Barcelona

by msabaye

I have been trying all sorts of food in Barcelona, and I have come to two conclusions (more like speculations based on my observations) on views of the Spanish on food:

1. These people have never heard of cholesterol, heart attack, and related subjects

2. These people have heard of all these but try to defy the whole issue of light/healthy eating with an iron will (and a gallon of oil/fat).

It is very interesting that the more I look, the less I find anything grilled. Even roasted vegetables are dipped in oil. There are all sorts of cured meat. I am curious about the vegetarian population here, its existence and the size of it. I am also looking for a good Paella. From what I had in Canada and what I have seen on cooking shows, it should have saffron, and it shouldn't be watery, and ... Everything I have had so far is anything but. I have asked just about anybody but so far one is worse than the other. Or perhaps I prefer the non-authentic version I had in Canada better. Any suggestions?

One thing I have had amazing experience with is coffee. And bread. And olives which must have come directly from heavens. OK that is three, but I cannot help admiring. Food is also quite cheap compared to Canada, and mostly much better quality and taste. If I can get over my fear of heart diseases, I will never stop eating (this is in case my family doctor reads this).


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on your good Paella hunt

by Monda on

I was searching Shabnam Ghayour's suggestions here on IC, but could not find her Spain/ Paella blog. Anyway, I like Aria's suggestion. And will bookmark it for myself.

Enjoy your trip and please report on your favorites serving tasty paellas. 


The secret is in olive oil

by Rea on

Excellent remedy against "cholesterol, heart attack, and related subjects" that people are obsessed with nowadays.

My late grandma's recipe against all evils: bit of olive oil, smashed garlic, salt n pepper, piece of bread, dip it and enjoy. It works.



by Simorgh5555 on

Paela is a dish which you either love or hate. A bit like Bovril I suppose. The food really gave me a hard time. The same in Italy and the rest of the Continent. I'm not too into hams and I HATE cheese which means my food options were rather limited. Stil, there's never a Mickey D's and Kentucky Fried Rat far away for quick simple lunches. Other than that Barcelona was truly magnificent.


Agree with you Simorgh

by Souri on

I have been there many years ago....maybe my facts are not completely accurate now. But as for the sea food and the Paella..I truly agree with you.

For the good sea food, you must go to the very good restaurant. The Paella however.....ehem! we had better Paella in France at that time!

But Barcelona is  amazingly beautiful to visit. I loved especially the Segrada Familia...and also the "Black Virgin"  in that cherch in the mountain near Barcelona (forgot the name of the place)

For food and entertainement, we stayed at the beach (Salou) near Barcelona. There, we had better food and also music and dance the whole night until the down.



by Simorgh5555 on

I went to Barcelona this summer. I loved the city but the food was pretty bland for my Iranian taste buds. Having said that I had some excellent sea food on the pier near barceloneta. The monk fish and calamari were exquisite but I never liked Paela. Even eating it at a half decent restaurant it was just pretty bland and the sheer thought of fish stock (abe mahi) on vegetable and rice was not appetizing. 


Barcelona, a great City

by Aria on

I was there two years ago and had an amazing experience, including with food.   There is a huge market off of and connecting with the Main Rambala thoroughfare, filled with great small eateries.  My favorite one was a small seafood place at a point furthest away from the main entrance, you will not be disappointed if you like seafood.

For the best Paella, I recommend any of the bigger water front restaurants, they prepare theirs closest to the Paella we are used to in North America.   I also had a great Paella in a family owned/operated restaurant on the south side of the street that was just south of the Park-e-Guel, sorry I don't remember the name.

Just explore and you will hit it sooner or later.