A Few Notes on Meibod

A Few Notes on Meibod
by msabaye

One of the most interesting places I have visited is Meibod in Yazd  Province. The remnants of an old castle, Narin, from the Mede period is  astonishing. It reminded me of Arg-e Bam, which I never got to see. There is something about this castle, the colour of soil, that reconnects me with earth. Going around the castle and marveling at its beauty and longevity, I kept remembering Eslami Nodushan's words: on this side of the planet, we have a special connection with earth (soil).

The connection with earth was reinforced for me through the amazing pottery; such beautiful motifs and colors. There were quite a few shops selling them; in some, we could see the artists at work in the back. Later, I saw similar pieces in markets in Shiraz and Tehran for at least ten times the price.

The list of things to see is very long: an old mud-brick refrigerator, old inns, and a pigeon-tower.  It was the first time I saw a tower made for pigeons: this was apparently for protection of the birds and production of natural fertilizers. Isn't that remarkable?


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Hidden gems

by Arj on

Dear msabaye, there lies a hidden gem in every corner of our soil. Everytime I visit one, I learn something new about culture, history, arts and architecture... of our predecessors. Some mesmerising, and some chillingly sobering! Wondering if I'm  stepping in the footsteps of some who actually walked through these halls and satirways on a daily basis, their thoughts, their deeds..., and whether we as a nation are stepping in their footsteps, for better or for worse!