All is Well?!

by msabaye

Thanks to a few blizzards that got me snowed in, I watched quite a few movies. One was about corruption of the police force in Los Angeles in 1930's revealed in a kidnapping case. The other one was about behind the scenes of 2003 invasion of Iraq by the US. And ... It made me wonder why these movies are always about something that happened quite a while ago? Why isn't any movie made about something that is happening closer to now?

Wouldn't you wish you had a crystal ball you could look into and see the movies from the future to get a preview of the present? Or perhaps this is too pessimistic. Wouldn't you rather think no movies are made about any horrific thing now because nothing terrible is going on right now. It was all in the past. I mean, perhaps now, all is well?!

We will just have to wait then, don't we?


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