8-year-old Avesta and the Empire


8-year-old Avesta and the Empire
by msabaye

When I was in Iran last time, my nephews were talking to me about everything and showing me their drawings, school work, etc. Suddenly, one of them, Avesta, asked me whether I liked to see his books. Naturally, I thought he meant the books he was reading as he is an avid reader. To my surprise, he brought me three notebooks neatly organized to look like books as much as possible. There was a title on the cover, and I asked him what it was. He looked at me very seriously and said, “Auntie, this is my first book.” I could not believe what I heard. I started reading; the first lines were an amazing description:

“The drums could be heard, the mountain grew darker every moment, the Iranian archers were trying to prevent …”

I tried very hard to prevent myself from expressing my adoration by making faces and continued reading. This was a story about the Iranians fighting off Romans and later ... I asked him where he had got this, and he responded very sincerely,”It is my story, auntie. I wrote it. I have others.” He looked so serious. I read the whole story; I was quite fascinated. Later I asked him whether he would read the story to me so that I could record his voice. He asked what I wanted to do with it. I answered that I was not sure, but I might broadcast it on a radio program or something. He obliged with one condition: that I would not share the whole story as he intended to publish and sell it. So, I promised him to broadcast only part of it. I gave him directions on using the microphone and pretended to be busy doing something else to give him space to do it naturally. He got the microphone and though he could not hold it still all the time, he read the story like a professional. When he started reading, I had no idea it was the “Day of Family” in Iran! And perhaps to ensure his claim to his book, he did clarify that the story was written by him right at the beginning.

Anyway, here it is. I added some music to it. Before the literary critics raising eyebrows and start taking notes, I should emphasize that the story is written by an eight-year-old boy.


عکس اوستا در آبشار مارگون در ایام جوانی (او اکنون 9 ساله است


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Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

such a nice name for a prodigy like him.  He is amazingly talented.

Payandeh Iran & Iranians



by jamshid on

Very talented and with a strong imagination!

Multiple Personality Disorder

In my opinion Avesta is a prodigy

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

There is no doubt in my mind that Avesa is extremely talented.  At his age I could barely read or write, let alone writing a book.  I'm sure in near future we'll hear more about this great Iranian.

I hope this extended comment clarifies my previous short comment that was deleted.



re: 8-year-old Avesta and the Empire

by Afshin_Afshar on

Adorable :-)

 Thanks for sharing.  



Avesta, what a beauiful name

by jimzbund on

 I am sure he has Goftaare neek, Pendaar  neek and kerdaare neek.


Bund, Jimz Bund