Nuclear Power Plant, a boon to a nation or a tool for a government?


mostafa ghanbari
by mostafa ghanbari

Iran’s nuclear power plant is about to be officially inaugurated after years of  being the main subject of some  controversial international arguments. It is indeed a great achievement and a precious impact that can stimulate the crippled and sloppy economical situation in Iran and give momentum to a more comprehensive move towards a viable economy as the main way of representing the true and realistic power of a nation in this modern world , in which the seniors and the juniors have already entered a new era of challenges over the power and economical opportunities. In all , it is  an enormously invigorative element that can brace the bulk of a nation that has unfairly been ignored and deprived of its own rights and assets, should it be used as it must be used.

Who and how is going to be benefited from this unique achievement?

This question, like many other questions during the past three decades, that have been mostly ignored or faced sophistication and distortion by the folly , impertinence  and malice of our so-called leaders, is a vital question; but this question should not be addressed to those  alien  swaggers and dodgers, who now are struggling to hang on to power and continue with their sinister rule over that rich and truly great country. This question must be asked by the Iranian people in a self-referential way of  responsibility and commitment  to work out the depth of the importance of this great achievement and how it is going to be approached.

In this hasty world of  competition and unleashed desires for knowledge and power ,we have to give  our dizzy heads a hard twitch and get ourselves out of the haze of  the hindering and indifferent moments and get hold of the passing moments before it is too late.

Is the Nuclear Power plant going to be a drive in our economy and a beneficial source to all of us and consequently a matter of  true power and pride for our country or is it going to be a lucrative and frightening tool in the hands of some kinky creatures, who are in a hysteric love with power and frenetic challenges? Is this great achievement  going to open a door towards the world community or is it going to shut more doors and tighten  the circle around us? Are we concerned about these things?


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mostafa ghanbari

Dear Yousef

by mostafa ghanbari on


Thanks a lot for your meticulous attention.

Lack of comptence, lack of trust, lack of commitment , lack of discipline, lack of responsibility, these are our bugs that have been hurting us in the past three decades. And that is why I think we have to interfere and stop these real messes which are going to make us look like fools. We have to speak out now , otherwise we would be pushed into an irreversible and irredeemable situation which surely would cost us a high price.

And your very good question( Which I hope these kind of questions will be repeated and multiplied in time), is a  good reference to the general lack of sufficiency and competence in the mobid bulk of management in our country.

Under the Islamic regime no true competent man or woman can give a hand to his or her country, as the Islamic regime is in fact a group of  dodgers and buggers, who can not stand any righteous,competent and dedicated person in their circle.

As for the Power plant, I have to say it is our asset, not Mullah's. So we have to understand that an awful amount of our money has been spent on this power plant- correctly or wrongly. We should not reject that just because of its failures; instead we should think of changes which will allow the apt children of this apt nation take over and tackle the failures. There are a lot of them all over the world. Just in America there are 200,000 Iranian men and women, who are among the most informed and educated experts in the world. And of course there are a remarkable number of such great people inside Iran, who have been pushed into the margins by the sinister Islamic regime.

We can and we must be proud of ourselves  for whatever we have as no one had ever seen such a risilient nation. What we need to do, is pulling ouselves together and do not let be fooled anymore.


mostafa ghanbari

Dear Cost-Of -Progress

by mostafa ghanbari on



Thank you indeed for you comment.

Not being able to use a somewhat vulgar language in some occasions, is one of my boring disabilities and the second one is a bit of daftness in choosing the right stuff to get myself properly stoned. That is why some times I seem a bit delirious, ambiguous and mysterious.

Apart from jokes, I think you got me a bit wrong. I am not convinced that Mullahs have no intention towards weaponization and thus they are some pragmatic and peaceful people. My point is that the truly peaceful and human Iranian people should not be indifferent and careless in this highly sensitive case. As we are a genuinely human and considerate people, I can see no reason to reject our tendencies  towards having defensive(deterrent) weapons as no one can guarantee we would not be imposed on another eight years of war and bloodshed; but we should understand the potential dangers of having a mad regime armed with dangerous weapons.


As for the word KINKY, to make you satisfied, I mustered all my vocabulary of vulgarism and found these words to describe the Mullahs: Buggers, , arseholes, pimps, mugs, thugs,leeches, fleas, monsters, bats... And of course RAPISTS.






A potential environmental disaster to be proud of ? .

by yousef on

This plant is of a very old design (of the type which caused chernobyl disaster). Combine this with incompetence and lack of scientific discipline inherent in this medieaval islamist regime, and you are looking at a major environmental disaster which would directly affect Iran and it's people, not the regime and their west residing cronies and cheerleaders of course.

mostafa ghanbari

Dear Niloufar

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Thanks a lot  for your  comment.

As a very young lad at the time of war I felt the horror ,despair and agonising moments of a nation with every single atom of my existence. for eight years I witnessed how fear, pain, sorrow, desperatation, frustration, hope and love were reverbrating around us in an atmosphere of hallucination and melancholy. For eight years! Yes for eight years there were blood and death and we very busy with burials of our best youths. For eight devastating years we were in fact the innocent victims of this uncoscionable world. Thankfuly we survived and my great lesson as a young and very sensitive and compassionate lad was this: No, it would be almost impossible to live in peace in this world without a weapon especially where you are in a position of capacity and capability.Now I am a mature man and more sensitive, compassionate and peacfull than I was before; but I still strongly believe we need a very deterrent weapon but not under the Islamic regime that is inherently adicted to provocative procedures. We are a very human  and fair society and therefore I am absolutely sure we would not be a threat to no one in this world even with a dangerous weapon in hand.


Thus my main point is the correct use of Nuclear power for the economical purposes and the safe use of that for the defensive(deterrent) purposes.


Niloufar Parsi

very relevant questions

by Niloufar Parsi on

this is what happens when a foreign bully interfers in iran's key decisions and plans. it derails the whole discourse into the wrong direction. we should instead be addressing core questions of safety and utility of nuclear power.

in a more sane world, i would argue for spending money and concentrating on solar or other renewable energies instead. never been a fan of nuclear power.

but when you are faced with an existential threat, you cannot let your side down...



Power Plant?

by Cost-of-Progress on

Your reference to the power plant instead of the islamic regime's nuclear program for weaponized nukes is an interesting one. You sound convinced that the nukes are you say...peaceful! 

You also said......"or is it going to be a lucrative and frightening tool in the hands of some kinky creatures,......"

Kinky creatures????

Are you serious? These murderous people seem kinky to you? Is that all that comes to mind? What have you been smoking mostafa jon? Can I have some?