Living in a James Bond World

Living in a James Bond World
by Mohammad Alireza

The other day a rich chap dumped tons of metal in the waters off the West Coast of the North America, conducting his own personal climate change experiment.

And then there are other rich chaps sending space ships into the orbit of the earth.

Now let’s take this stuff a step further.

Saudi Arabia has hinted it may purchase a nuclear weapon from Pakistan if Iran gets a nuke.

Israel’s worst nightmare is if Hezbollah gets a nuke.

Then what’s stopping the Mormons from getting a nuke? Though they are days from getting one...

Now that the Iranian brainwashed cult of Rajavi has been taken off the “terrorist” list, then maybe they should get a nuke also, right?

It’s a James Bond World folks.

And if you are seeking some sanity I suggest listening to the Dalai Lama because at times he comes across as some superior intelligent form from outer space trying to talk some sense into us human beings.

Download and listen for yourself.



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