How do you say "Chernobyl" in Farsi?

Mohammad Alireza
by Mohammad Alireza

You have probably heard of a disaster called Chernobyl.

But have you seen the disaster?

Well you can, up close.


Will we see photographs like this when our Russian made nuclear plant has an "accident"?


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by Cost-of-Progress on

Ahhh, yet another anti israeli poster here...... on ""- big shock! Did you just sign on to post this reply?

And this:

"Oh, by the way, the Chernobyl thing will be called martyrdom."

I recently cannot tell the difference between serious stuff and "satire". Is this Islamic Satire? Hilarious, and they say you guys have no sense of humor.

How is the blogger's comment about Russin nuclear plants not valid? It is, but since the nuke plants are not the issue here, let's not piss in each other shoes.




Holden Caulfield

How do say exposure in Hebrew?

by Holden Caulfield on

I don't know why I find it more fitting if I called you, let's say, Moshe Aaron in stead of M...A... You wouldn't mind; would you?

Oh, by the way, the Chernobyl thing will be called martyrdom.