Connecting the Dots


Mohammad Alireza
by Mohammad Alireza

Connecting the Dots

Mohammad Alireza
Tehran, Iran

What’s the connection between; the theft of the 2000 Gore-Bush election, Cheney’s secret meeting with oil executives, September 11th 2001, the invasion of Iraq, and plans for destroying Iran’s military defenses and setting it’s economy back 50 years?

The connection is Peak Oil.

If you have not figured this out and are still lost in your hatred for the mullahs, or still worshiping the Pahlavi’s, or are part of the Rajavi cult, then you are in for a very rude awakening. When Iran is attacked and you see your dead and maimed countrymen on your television set or computer monitor it will be too late to do anything to prevent this war crime against your home and country.

Do your part in preventing Bush and Cheney from destroying your country. Get informed. Write, call, fax, email your political representative. Using your networking skills organize a peace delegation to Washington or 10 Downing Street. We Iranians that are in Iran do not have access to any of these freedoms. The fools here are even blocking sites that are working to prevent the attack on Iran.

The warmongers are planning not only on destroying Iran militarily but also economically. Iran is the only obstacle remaining between America and the energy reserves in the Middle East being controlled by the military industrial complex. America is running out of oil and gas and if it does not have a “reliable source” its vital national security will be placed in danger. Wake up people.

We in Iran need your help to head off this catastrophe. There is still time for diplomacy. Nobody here wants war, but if Iran is attacked our country will be transformed into a warrior nation and the bloodshed will last for decades.

Do whatever you can to prevent this from happening. We in Iran need you to put aside your hatred for the current regime and work for a peace so that we can one day put our energies towards bringing about freedom and democracy and the rule of law to Iran.

When Iran is a smoldering ruin irradiated with depleted uranium and there is no electricity, water, or infrastructure, the priority will be survival not regime change. Wake up people!


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Thank You for posting this.

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Thank You for posting this. It is seriously underrated in this community.


Saber Rattling? Are you listening to the news?

by Dangerous Bush (not verified) on

Dear Alborzi,

We are INCHES away from a war. Yes, you are right that this is NOT Iraq. But it is Yugoslavia. That's what there will not be a ground invasion. Only an air campaign that is guaranteed to be "a success" and boost Bush's ratings. It is absolutely on track right now.

Iranians who refuse to see this blatent danger are helping the enemy destroy Iran.


This is Saber Ratteling

by Alborzi (not verified) on

This is a clear case of saber rattling, they know that Iran is no
Iraq. They also would not announce it, if it was so, as they say
sang bozorgh dalil nazadan ast, or shoto dar khab binad panbehdaneh gahy loff loff khorad gah daneh dane. Its a Gambit.



by bob (not verified) on

dammm right