For the Bomb Iran Netanyahu foot soldiers on


For the Bomb Iran Netanyahu foot soldiers on
by Mohammad Alireza

The six links below are to must see videos for anybody interested in understanding the larger context of what is going on with Iran, America, and Israel.

The first three links are for an astonishing comprehensive three part film called "The Power Principle" that presents an in-depth look at the American Empire and its roots.

In the first part, about eight minutes in, it covers the 1953 coup in Iran with some great historical footage.




The two links below are an interview with Norman Finkelstein who is a survivor of the Holocaust and extremely well informed about Israeli behavior. After the links I've copy-pasted a couple of excerpts of the interview.



Finkelstein: "If you read Israeli historians now, people like Tom Segev, who I know you’ve had on the program, and Benny Morris, whom you’ve had on the program, they both acknowledge freely that right from—right from the beginning of the Israeli occupation, they both write, Israel was practicing torture of Palestinian detainees. And they just pass by it as if this is common knowledge. But in the—at the time, during the 1970s and 1980s, it was impossible to make that claim without being accused of being an anti-Semite or, in the case of Jews, being a self-hating Jew or just being crazy."

"But now, after the 1990s, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, B’Tselem, and they’re all saying Israel is systematically practicing torture. They estimate about 85 percent of Israeli—excuse me, of Palestinian detainees were being tortured by Israel. Human Rights Watch estimated that during the First Intifada between 20,000 and 30,000 Palestinians had been tortured."

"We want Israel to be held to the same standard as everyone else—enforce the law."
"And the law is pretty clear. You know, people say the law is nebulous, gray areas, ambiguous. No, the law is pretty straightforward. The settlements are illegal under international law. All 15 judges on the International Court of Justice said so. Israel has no title to any of the West Bank, Gaza or East Jerusalem. All 15 judges on the International Court of Justice said so. And the Palestinians have the right of return, or so says Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch."

"Just to take one other example, you are in the—I speak a lot on college campuses. And liberal American Jews, especially young American Jews, they’re very idealistic, as I’m sure you know from your own experience and your own family. They tend to be liberal and idealistic. So it’s 2006. Israel invades Lebanon. It’s the last 72 hours. The war is over. It’s over. Israel—the U.N. has passed a resolution finally. Condoleezza Rice is blocking it. The war is now over. And then in the last 72 hours, Israel drops four million—four million cluster submunitions on South Lebanon. Human Rights Watch did a very good report; it’s called "Flooding South Lebanon." "Flooding South Lebanon." Now, you’re young, you’re Jewish, you’re in a college campus—you don’t want to defend that in public."

"Or it’s 2008, 2009, Israel invades Gaza, and it drops white phosphorus, a substance that reaches 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. It drops it on two hospitals: al-Quds Hospital, al-Wafa Hospital. You’re young, you’re Jewish, you’re idealistic—you don’t want to defend those sorts of things. It’s just impossible for you, especially if you’re a younger person. You haven’t yet become too cynical about the ways of the world. It’s impossible for you to reconcile your idealistic liberal credo, beliefs. And young people, as I hope you still remember, they tend to really believe what they say. There’s a certain depth of passion and commitment, conviction, honest conviction. They can’t reconcile that with the way Israel carries on. It’ not possible."

"The limit in the world today is what human rights organizations are saying, what the International Court of Justice is saying, what the U.N. General Assembly is saying. And there you have a complete consensus, apart from the United States and Israel and some South Sea islands. Apart from them, the consensus is clear. It’s a two-state settlement on the June 1967 border and a just resolution of the refugee question based on the right of return and compensation. That’s the limit of opinion."


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Long Live Arab State #23 (aka Palestine)!

by AMIR1973 on

Long Live Assad and Hezbollah and all the other heroic fighters struggling against both the Great Satan and the Little Satan! Only in the Islamic Republic can such truth be spoken to power without having to worry about being thrown in jail for expressing one's opinion.

Mohammad Alireza

To You Know Who......

by Mohammad Alireza on

Once again faced with irrefutable facts the only and very tiresome and false response is, "you are a regime supporter".

No, I am not a regime supporter and you will find in my past writings on where I have responded to this lazy accusation which keeps being thrown out by those that are not capable of facing the facts regarding the American Empire and the behavior of Israel.

So, back to the facts. Any intelligent response? Anybody? Come on, show yourselves, don't be shy.

Where did all those bomb Iran advocates disappear to? Or those Natanyahu stooges? Come on, what's the matter? Your handlers have not given you any instructions on how to refute facts? Best you can do is make the laughable claim that it's all done with Photoshop and mirrors and clever editing?

Or are you worried that Homeland Security will cart you off or put you on a no fly list? You are right, the FBI is just around the corner. Dozaritit oftdad…you are living in a police state.

By the way did any of you actually watch any of the films? Probably not. Easier to leave yet another comment founded on ignorance.



by Cost-of-Progress on we go again, another chest beater of the islamic anti public posting about the Pals (who by the way hate Iranians).

What have YOU done to make a change for Iran and her people other than supporting a murderous and anti everything regime??

As I always say, if you people had an ounce of this zeal for your own heritage and identity (Iranian identity that is), we'd all be in better shape.


All Media is Editable

by bahmani on

Sadly, and you can thank the internet for this, we are at the point where all media, written, print, internet, video, audio, can be sufficiently manipulated, faked and completely re-created, to make or break any point, argument, or position.

Like Statistics, you can now use digital media to make any case you would like to make.

We are now thankfully, finally, at the point in which ONLY ideas that are transformed into actions are left for humanity to consider.

Attention ALL amateur videographers, YouTUbe Commandos, and Photoshoppers! You no longer need to prove your case with realistic looking "footage".

The power of ideas has finally arrived! Finally, we all now know what needs to be done! Now all we need is the courage to actually implement them!

Oh... Wait!... that... requires... courage...

OK, pas, nevermind then, let's watch some more footage first. Here look I especially like how I made this dissolve...

To read more bahmani posts visit: //


for islamist regime's west residing cyber bassijis.

by mousa67 on

all this anger & frustration with jews & americans  will eventually lead to either a cardiac or FBI arrest!.

dr mousa's advise: hold each others hands, chant "bismila, ya jihad, ya ali, ya pink-keyboard, ya london, ya toronto, ya cafe latte" & take a dive in the closest swimming pool to cool off a bit. but remember: leave the kids alone.



Shlomo is putting his flight suit on getting ready for the


Isfahan-Arak-Natanz-Qom Operation Freedom(IANQOF!)

Followed by cargo planes filled with loafs of Barari, Sangak, Lavash, Taftton, etc.

Dr. Love Israel.

iraj khan

Excellent report

by iraj khan on

Thanks for posting it here.


Since when has the USA or Israel acted Democratically

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

or for Human Rights????????? Coercion, Deception and Manipulation don't count, neither does using fear to move their own citizens into supporting their governments crimes, while citizens are being lied to that all the governments do is really for Goodness, Beauty & Truth.  The IRI is a nasty monster and born of the USA and anti-monarchists.

That’s the limit of opinion