For the Bomb Iran Netanyahu foot soldiers on


For the Bomb Iran Netanyahu foot soldiers on
by Mohammad Alireza

The six links below are to must see videos for anybody interested in understanding the larger context of what is going on with Iran, America, and Israel.

The first three links are for an astonishing comprehensive three part film called "The Power Principle" that presents an in-depth look at the American Empire and its roots.

In the first part, about eight minutes in, it covers the 1953 coup in Iran with some great historical footage.




The two links below are an interview with Norman Finkelstein who is a survivor of the Holocaust and extremely well informed about Israeli behavior. After the links I've copy-pasted a couple of excerpts of the interview.



Finkelstein: "If you read Israeli historians now, people like Tom Segev, who I know you’ve had on the program, and Benny Morris, whom you’ve had on the program, they both acknowledge freely that right from—right from the beginning of the Israeli occupation, they both write, Israel was practicing torture of Palestinian detainees. And they just pass by it as if this is common knowledge. But in the—at the time, during the 1970s and 1980s, it was impossible to make that claim without being accused of being an anti-Semite or, in the case of Jews, being a self-hating Jew or just being crazy."

"But now, after the 1990s, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, B’Tselem, and they’re all saying Israel is systematically practicing torture. They estimate about 85 percent of Israeli—excuse me, of Palestinian detainees were being tortured by Israel. Human Rights Watch estimated that during the First Intifada between 20,000 and 30,000 Palestinians had been tortured."

"We want Israel to be held to the same standard as everyone else—enforce the law."
"And the law is pretty clear. You know, people say the law is nebulous, gray areas, ambiguous. No, the law is pretty straightforward. The settlements are illegal under international law. All 15 judges on the International Court of Justice said so. Israel has no title to any of the West Bank, Gaza or East Jerusalem. All 15 judges on the International Court of Justice said so. And the Palestinians have the right of return, or so says Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch."

"Just to take one other example, you are in the—I speak a lot on college campuses. And liberal American Jews, especially young American Jews, they’re very idealistic, as I’m sure you know from your own experience and your own family. They tend to be liberal and idealistic. So it’s 2006. Israel invades Lebanon. It’s the last 72 hours. The war is over. It’s over. Israel—the U.N. has passed a resolution finally. Condoleezza Rice is blocking it. The war is now over. And then in the last 72 hours, Israel drops four million—four million cluster submunitions on South Lebanon. Human Rights Watch did a very good report; it’s called "Flooding South Lebanon." "Flooding South Lebanon." Now, you’re young, you’re Jewish, you’re in a college campus—you don’t want to defend that in public."

"Or it’s 2008, 2009, Israel invades Gaza, and it drops white phosphorus, a substance that reaches 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. It drops it on two hospitals: al-Quds Hospital, al-Wafa Hospital. You’re young, you’re Jewish, you’re idealistic—you don’t want to defend those sorts of things. It’s just impossible for you, especially if you’re a younger person. You haven’t yet become too cynical about the ways of the world. It’s impossible for you to reconcile your idealistic liberal credo, beliefs. And young people, as I hope you still remember, they tend to really believe what they say. There’s a certain depth of passion and commitment, conviction, honest conviction. They can’t reconcile that with the way Israel carries on. It’ not possible."

"The limit in the world today is what human rights organizations are saying, what the International Court of Justice is saying, what the U.N. General Assembly is saying. And there you have a complete consensus, apart from the United States and Israel and some South Sea islands. Apart from them, the consensus is clear. It’s a two-state settlement on the June 1967 border and a just resolution of the refugee question based on the right of return and compensation. That’s the limit of opinion."


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Everyone go to sleep, it will happen "eventually"

by AMIR1973 on

In the meantime, let's focus on what really matters to Iranians: the map of Israel and Arab State #23 (aka Palestine). 

Mohammad Alireza

To Dr. Mohandes

by Mohammad Alireza on

Thanks for the laughs.

I do have a plan. Post your fax number and I'll fax it you.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Why thanks there my dear fella.

I do what i can to stay in shape you know, i drink a special brand of milkshake, try it man. it is good stuff.

I have already started leading and yelling, and i kept sayinhg MA are you there? get out from behind that car. I CAN SEE YOOOOU:)) i know you were there. BTW, You do a good meow , meow.: And Yes i most definitely need the American millitary support. Thank you for mentioning that. Tell them the beer will be on me at the local tavern. All they can drink man, all night.

It could be a combination of us both doing it. Americans, me, You? , your buddies. So easy to put down agendas and objectives on papre r nowadays. seems like everyone's got one. All you have to do is write them down. EASY enough for you as a FIRST Step, right?

No, I am not Behind my keyboard dude. In fact i am looking right at it. hold on...yeah. Right at it.
DId i say we should give our lives or did you say, as the doctor that you most certainly are that we as syrians should start giving lives or else nothing happens? Ha? was it me or was it you? be honest now big guy. Did i not refute you saying NO WE WON'T HAVE TO? DOing iroooni bazi already i see!

You can bet your big bottom it is a good plan, albeit minus all the junk and nonsense that you Basteed be reeshe bandeh!

Where is your plan? oh yeah...Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt and waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit right?


Mohammad Alireza

To mousa67

by Mohammad Alireza on

For your information I did not draw that map but your fellow Jews did; I am assuming you are Jewish given that you are using the name "mousa".

Correction, they did not "draw" that map...they created it through theft, injustice, torture, murder, and Nazi tactics so as to implement their apartheid policies.

And yes, I am taking care of a small number of fellow Iranians through giving them jobs for the past eleven years. All together one hundred Iranians have received a living wage these past eleven years allowing them to purchase homes, cars, refrigerators, coolers, and food. They have educated their kids and bought cloths and toys for them. They have gained valuable skills and many have moved onto better paying jobs and even set up companies of their own. Okay, your turn; What have you done for Iranians these past eleven years?

Mohammad Alireza

To Dr. Mohandes

by Mohammad Alireza on

You sound like a real brave fellow.

Okay, lead the way. Go down to your khocheh and yell out that you are willing to give your life to bring about change in Iran...but wait, you want the support of the American military?

I'm confused, how will this work exactly? Who exactly will lead the charge? And who will establish the objectives? You? The American military?

This is all too exciting for me; a brave Iranian fellow perched behind his keyboard says we should give our lives for change in Iran and he says we can do this without any clear objectives and we should take along the American military. Now that's a winning plan.

Dr. Mohandes

Mohammad alireza

by Dr. Mohandes on

I do not blame that gentleman for taking such a position and i also happen to know of even more of those individuals who happen to be in service right now to hold the same exact position.

Ideally speaking you are wrong my friend. I have noticed that compared to way back when before i had left many people do understand precisely what democracy is and what a government based on rule of law is and supposed to do. That no one can deny. An i am sorry to be saying this but to think that just because we are far from wanting to pay with our bloods, as compared with the syrians, therefore no change is possible, is pure baloney my friend. I believe that people know what they want in their hearts but are just to shy to say and admit it.

All the examples of a future potential systems that you mentioned, are darn good choices and to many that is a damn good place to start and a goal to strive for. WHy would not anyone want freedom that is available in the american society? You think just because you happened to hated it, everyone else is in the same boat too??

The fact that they have seemily developed this fear and this sense of mistrust of what they might do is precisely the reason that having an outside help will be more to our advantage than to our disadvantage. all this talk is just an excuse for keeping these guys in power and nothing less.

I and anyone else for that matter wholeheatedly agree with that short term analysis but i totally disagree with trying to instill this belief in ourselves that having outside help will necessarily and based on all logical premises will result in a doom or gloom scenario, because unlike what it may seem on the surface many have come to the conclusion that all this internal blah blah is nothing but a fairy tale at best and good for the birdies. We can entertain ourselves with such tales until the cows come home to absolutely no avail.

 You and others like you seem to live on the clouds and in this dream-laden world to think that people should know exactly what the want, and plan for it in order to acheive it. Are you for real? are you kidding here? We live in a wolrd and more particularly in a country where there really is no sense of stability and security and yet you set the bar that high and try to start things off by setting such lofty targets? No wonder nothing gets off the ground because we have such overtly high expectations mate!!


 OOnyaroo jan

That is all right pal. Maybe next time. I did not need any help, it was fun. i needed the exercise:))


People , some of them, Just don't get it. I am not talking about anyone per se. but you know what i saying? the 2 zari yet has a long way to fall and make that geerenngee sound!


i feel sorry for palistinians, really.

by mousa67 on

34 years of hot shia air of "wiping off israel", 34 years of shia screams of  "liberate quds", has come to this pathetic end. couple of london residing aghazadeh soosool who'd faint at the site of a jewish baby, talking big on in broken farsi, and of course,  mohammad, here (no offence meant) who draws maps of israel

 mohammad joon, go take care of your own people, who you admit yourself are suffering @ the hands of terrorist islamist republic. palistinians & jews will come to some agreement. israel is here to stay & prosper, so are palistinians. that is guaranteed, 300 times.

Mohammad Alireza

To Dr. Mohandes

by Mohammad Alireza on

The issue you raise is a very important one and extremely hard to address: How to bring about change in Iran internally without any form of interference from outside parties, be it in the form of sanctions, bombs, or assistance from exile groups.

Just today a chap that has worked for me for over ten years sat down and was exasperated and bitter about the economic pressure he and everybody he knows are under. He was angry at the regime and declared that if war did break out he was certain that soldiers he knew would take off their uniforms and refuse to fight in support of the regime. I told him if war broke out it would be in the form of missiles and bombs and nobody would be sent to the borders because there would be no ground invasion. He said then all the military personal would simply desert their military installations.

Clearly he was frustrated with the situation, and very upset with the daily jump in prices. I told him change in Iran will come when Iranians are prepared to give their life for change, as they are doing in Syria. And at the moment Iranians are very far from that point.

But the trouble is until Iranians know exactly what they want change will not take place. Only after one knows clearly what one is after can one achieve it.

Today if somebody stood up and tried to gather support for change by saying we must have democracy or rule of law nobody would respond simply because very few in Iran understand what is meant by democracy or rule of law.

Or if somebody stood up and declared that we needed to replace the Islam Republic the response would be what are you going to replace it with? And again the Iranian people would stare back at you with no understanding of whatever the new form of government you would be proposing. Be it a constitutional monarchy, a "free" society like America, or whatever you propose, the Iranian people will simply not respond. Why? Because they have developed a deep cynicism of government and know that if they did start to protest the response would be so oppressive that their lives would become ten times harder. And so they keep their heads down and mutter in anger.

The only thing that is clear to see in the short-term is that things are going to get much harder for the average Iranian over the next six months. What will happen after that is anybody's guess.

Having said all of the above I still think any change that does take place in Iran has to originate internally and not be initiated from the outside for the simple reason anything from the outside will be doomed with failure and make things even worse.

Oon Yaroo

Dr. Mohandes Baba Golasso....!

by Oon Yaroo on

I am sorry for causing the spat between you and AH and not being able to come to your defense this morning when you were unjustifiably being assailed and ravaged!

Anyways, as they say those who live in glass houses should not throw stones or rocks or pebbles.

In other words, those who scold others for using improper language should refrain from using it themselves, ergo AH!

But, I do agree with you that carrying a flash light might come handy these days!

hamsade ghadimi

only if the author was

by hamsade ghadimi on

only if the author was interested in the map of iran instead of his obsession with israel.  fyi, the tri-colored iran has been replaced with iri's cockaroach black islamist color and yellow hezbollah trim.  now, for "anyone who is interested in constantly pointing fingers to the outside world to find blame for our misery," you can read, analyze, and re-write the blog above. 

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Dude. I don't know what was happening there!

i swear to you man, some people here have started to literally using it. on one side we have got the preacher with the too-long a name, then we got madam morality sherrif who comes out of the blue, takes a huge dump on you and clings on like a bad, nasty stickiest of all things.

I am not getting the dry milk analogy/symbolism here man:((


Can you imagine that? must be the Islamic spray i see the city workers spray all over town starting to seep in real deeply, abducting people in a mental sort of way.


Got Dry Milk?

by Faramarz on


Doctor Mohandes,

Man, it was just getting excited over the other blog, but it is closed now.

I was going to say that dry milk should not be a problem if folks just follow the instructions on the back of Gerber or Similac can.

And as for the "Lajan" thing, one person's Lajan is another person's mud-bath, if you have ever been to the high-end Spa's. It is very rejuvenating and makes the skin very smooth!


"Eventually" is the operative word here

by AMIR1973 on

Iranians will eventually get rid of this regime, there is no doubt about it.

Well, everything and anything happens "eventually", right? Heck, even the Rahbar might agree that IRI will "eventually" go (just in time for the arrival of Emam-e Zaman, of course). In the meantime, vomit up some garbage propaganda about the Jooooz and Arab State #23 (aka Palestine), lift the sanctions against the terrorist regime, and it will all just somehow work itself out.

Dr. Mohandes

Mohammad alireza

by Dr. Mohandes on

I admire all your efforts in searching for the truth and digging information on those who might be hiding it.

Regardless of what the US and russia and all those others are after, What one can infer from all the arguments that you make here is that deep deep down you still have a soft spot there for the Green movement.

Look let me just cut to the chase here. I live in iran as well, although not as long as you may have (since your return from Abroad) and i have this discussion on a daily basis with everyone from all walks of life and it makes me feel so sorry and so sad that No one really is offering A REAL solution except to say that Yes. one day, someday, We don't know when, But most definitely ONE DAY we will get rid of this thing... And i just stare at them in awe asking SO what is the plan? What are you waiting for? WHat are you gonna do about these most utterly rediculous policies being shoved down your throat every day? How much is too much? What is yoru threshold? Limit? 

You want to know the most interesting answer yet? That oh yes. We need someone , who has all the collective qualities of an independent thinker, Democractically inclined, fair and Capable person and Since we don't have anyone with those MOshakhasat if you will among us YET, so what else can we do but to endure?

How do you evaluate that statement? How would you convince yourself that if things go on the way they are, You really will put your full support behind some green movemernt whose main and chief leaders have risen from amongst the same gang of thieves and criminals and they know the road to the salvation of iran and iranians? Ok fine. They are less of criminals and have committed less thuggery than the big old up there.

I don't see how you are analyzing the situation, I guess must be based on the fact that you just love it in iran and hated it (or not) in US or UK or wherever , But the big thing is How are you planning on getting rid of the big menace? The big filth, the main culprit?

The sad and unfortunate fact is that you and those others such as yourself have grown hopelessly compalcent beyond repair! and just refuse to buy anything anyone says pertaining to the necessity of some push something applied externally to make this thing go away and create the context for us to start anew and fresh.  

I am sorry But you are realistically fooling yourself and insulting others' intelligence to push forth with the idea that some internal political reform will take care of it all, i don't care how downright anti IRI you are.



Great Response by "Khers" &

by Azarbanoo on

additioned by Zorumbaa.  thanks

Mohammad Alireza


by Mohammad Alireza on

It's bed time at this end of the planet so I'll sign off. You guys can make accusations till the sun comes up because I'll be fast asleep and won't respond.

Mohammad Alireza

To Reality Bites

by Mohammad Alireza on

Below are a couple of links to past articles given that you have not been paying attention:




If I am anti-war and see a far greater threat to Iran in the form of what the American military can do to Iran than the mullah's that does not make me a regime supporter.

First we have to head off the war that has been on the horizon for the past ten years. Once that is taken care of we can then begin to work for change in Iran, and that means democracy and rule of law.

You will find many other times I have expressed my views on Iran and the regime. But the critical problem at the moment is avoiding what American did to Iraq, and that is a real possibility if these fools in Iran keep insisting on this idiotic nuclear program.

Mohammad Alireza

To Mousa

by Mohammad Alireza on

Sri Lankan tea because a bunch of "khodi's" have pretty much destroyed the Iranian tea businesses.

Yeah, I know about having to leave in a hurry. Everybody I know is looking to get out but I've lived in America and Europe and prefer Iran. American's have lost their hearts and minds. It's a sick society that is in a death spiral.

Iranians will eventually get rid of this regime, there is no doubt about it. I see it every day. They simply can not last. But if those fools in Israel or Washington DC drop bombs on us then these guys are going to around for a long time. The same way the Iran-Iraq war solidified the mullah's hold on Iran a military attack on Iran will keep these guys around for a long time. That's why all this war talk has to stop. And if it does you can be certain the Green Movement will rise up again.


you see Mohammed Alireza,

by Reality-Bites on

You say you are not an IR supporter, but the point is you only ever post anti-Israel and anti-American articles on IC. I'm mean, when was the last time you posted an anti-IR piece on this website?

Mohammad Alireza

To Harpi Eagle

by Mohammad Alireza on

I agree with Khers "Israel be ma cheh". And it should not concern us but when Netanyahu is threantening a military attack then it does concern us.

Personally I think Iran should cut all ties with Hezbollah and Hamas and stop all support for Assad also. The list is a long one regarding how badly Iran's foreign interests are being mismanaged. And they are equally incompetent domestically.

The point is that the American Empire does not care if mullah's run Iran or if we have a democratic leader. What they are after is submission to their own interests.

Watch "War on Democracry" by John Pilger. A real eye opener. Here is the link:


It was no accident that Obama did not show any support for the Green Movement here. The last thing they want is a strong democratic country in the Middle East. They much prefer to deal with dictators like the Saudi's and Mubarak.


Mohammad Alireza, Let's assume ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

You are NOT a Regime Supporter or even sympathetic to their murderous goals and plans for our beloved country.  Would you care to comment or reply to the "Khers'" comment starting with the befitting words "Boro Baba"?  Please, enlighten us all.  That is of course if you know how to read Persian.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


it's nice to talk to an iranian who lives in iran for a change!

by mousa67 on

also since you live in iran, that'd make it  not only your undeniable right, but also your official duty to hate israel & america & support the islamist regime! but i'd still advice you to go easy on the whole thing, in case you'd need to leave iran in a hurry & join your like minded cyber bassij crowd in london or toronto. LOL

btw. why sri lankan tea? why not good iranian tea? what next? russian or north korean tea? LOL

Mohammad Alireza

To Mousa

by Mohammad Alireza on

Don't worry, I won't get deported from anywhere because I am living in Iran.

And nowhere in my post does it indicate that I sound like a regime supporter, as you put it; that is your presumption simply because I am not a supporter of the American Empire and Israel.

And we don't drink latta in Iran. Good quality tea from Sri Lanka with ghaand.


"i,m not a regime supporter"

by mousa67 on

you certainly sound like one. but go easy on all this anti-american hate stuff akhi, in case you get deported back to wherever you are from & miss out on all that caffe latte you need to drink before sitting behind your keyboard everyday!

god bless the united states of america, the leader of the global war on islamist terrorism.

Mohammad Alireza


by Mohammad Alireza on

My previous comment: "But what you are demanding is that anybody that is anti-American Empire must also be anti-regime, than you are only displaying your delusions and ignorance about America."

Is incorrect and should read:

"But what you are demanding is that anybody that is anti-American Empire must automatically be a regime supporter, than you are only displaying your delusions and ignorance about America."


Tragic state of affairs….

by Bavafa on

And no, I don’t mean it only the theft and looting of Palestinian land and livelihoods by Zionist and with the help of big powers but our own affairs where instead of debating and counter argument, all we can offer is


1-      If you speak of US/Israel crimes then you must be islamist & cyber bassijis


2-      You have manipulated/forged the data but failed to show at least one proof of the correct video that was forged


3-      Israel/Palestine is none of our business yet bring a so many other conflict as why we were silent?


Realistically, what do all these way of approach have in common?


In my opinion


To shut all critics of US/Israel



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Mohammad Alireza

Go take a nap

by Mohammad Alireza on

If you are incapable of accepting a non-regime supporter that is also anti-American Empire that is your problem, not mine.

If you assume somebody is anti-regime must therefore be a supporter of the American Empire, again that is your problem.

But what you are demanding is that anybody that is anti-American Empire must also be anti-regime, than you are only displaying your delusions and ignorance about America.

And if you really think I'd use my real name while posting from Iran then you are truly naive. Given that so many in Iran are named Mohammad and Alireza it's a good choice for an alias.


Bigger Yawn

by Cost-of-Progress on

If I had a dime for everytime someone said "oh, I'm not a regime supporter....", I'd still not come close to what the alliance of reesh-o pashm has stolen from Iran and her naive people.

Sure, you're not a regime supporter, but continue to sing the same tune this regime has been singing since its shameful incpetion, aghaye MOHAMMAD ALIREZA...fine Persian username! NOT.

Again, as I've always said: "with Iranians like you, who needs foriegn enemies?"


خرس و چرندیات دیگران


آقای خرس، ببخشید من نمیدونم شما نرهستید  یا ماده؟ امیدوارم از اون هم ولایتی های نازک و نارنجی‌ نباشید که زود بهتون بر بخوره. به هر حال گفته شما صحیح و کاملا درست است . نمیدونم به یکی داشتید میگفتید که :

جمعش کن بابا.  برو این تبلیغات رو برای کسی‌ بگو که شماها رو نمیشناسه.

من از خیلی‌ وقتها پیش یادم میاد  که به این جونور ها میگفتند آخه الاغ اینقدر نمیفهمی  که بدونی‌  خر خودتی‌. تو کله اینا میکروب دین و تعصب را قبل تولد  تزریق کردند. این میکروب با میکروب کش های معمولی و پند و اندرز ، برهان و منطق ، عقل سلیم ، اون چیز های که آدم  های عادی دارند کشته نمیشه. ماهی‌ رو باید با روغن خودش سرخ کرد.



برو بابا این چرندیات و تبلیغات رو جمع کن


فلسطین و اسرائیل به ما چه؟  گور پدر جفت‌شون.  ۳۴ ساله که با اشک تمساح ریختن برای فلسطین میخواهید سر مردم رو شیره بمالید.  

جنایت و بی‌ عدلی در هیچ جای دیگر دنیا نیست؟  چچنیا چی‌؟  مگر نه دوست عزیز و "هم جبهه" شما، روسیه دهها هزار مسلمان بی‌ گناه رو اونجا به خاک و خون کشید؟  چرا جیک نزدید؟  خفه خون گرفته بودید؟  اونها مسلمون نبودند؟   سودان چی‌؟  مگر نه آقای لاریجانی روز بعد از اینکه اون جنایتکار خونخوار عمر البشیر از طرف دادگاه بین الملل متهم شد رفت سودان که باهاش همبستگی‌ اعلام کنه؟  مسلمونهای درفور آدم نیستند؟  

جمعش کن بابا.  برو این تبلیغات رو برای کسی‌ بگو که شماها رو نمیشناسه.