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Mohammad Ala
by Mohammad Ala

This short film was made in 2007 and screened across Europe in various festivals The video is about father and son... but it could be ANY two people and the way they have treated each other... it wasn’t about a sparrow... the setting didn't matter...

The sparrow reminded the father of an incident in the child's life, and perhaps he wanted to share it with the son.

Most people are impatient with each other. The son should have asked if there was something behind the question after he asked the second time. This was a missed opportunity for connecting...

My father passed away three and half years ago. Baba, I miss you! We had great times together.

Love, your son.


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anonymous fish

i couldn't talk right now if i tried

by anonymous fish on

this is the most precious thing i've ever seen.  i hope everyone... EVERYONE... sees this and weeps for the lost opportunities.  how could anyone be the same after seeing this.

god bless you and the memories of your father. 


Very Nice Piece

by MiNeum71 on

I´m sorry for you, my best wishes for your future.



How beautiful

by Mehrban on

Really beautiful.  Thank you for consistently spreading kindness Mr. Ala.