TED gadget

Mohammad Ala
by Mohammad Ala

TED gadget

While the following video is interesting, its use is limited because of the bandwidth.  Although its use will increase as the speed at which the data is transferred will improve, do we need this gadget?  It is nice to have a gadget to help us make decisions, but it should not be used to make decisions for us.


For some people this technology will be useful and it will lead to other advancements.  But they will become data mining tools similar to Facebook or Myspace.  These tools can control, categorize, and benefit those who control the data more than the ordinary people.

How about flashing this device at your boss or a security person?  The video provided poor examples such as toilet paper.  I was hoping the world’s best mind gathering could provide answers to crucial medicine or surgery examples.

Interesting implications of a Game-Changing TED Gadget:


As with so many technological advances, governments and corporations will use and abuse it. . . . but the potential for good work is incredible.


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