A sad day in international diplomacy

Mohammad Ala
by Mohammad Ala


Associated Press Writer, March 3, 2008 UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. Security Council imposed another round of sanctions on Iran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment, but Iran defiantly vowed Monday to continue its nuclear program despite the nearly unanimous censuring vote. The resolution authorized a third set of sanctions targeting individuals, companies and equipment that could be used in Iran's nuclear program. It was adopted on a vote of 14-0, with Indonesia abstaining.

The vote was delayed three times until Libya and South Africa agreed to vote in favor of the new sanctions. It is baffling, these countries and Indonesia spoke in favor of Iran. What did the U.S. promise to give these countries in exchange for their votes? German colleague of mine wrote to say that his country does not have courage to stand up against the U.S. and the majority of Germans are not in favor of these sanctions. Today is a sad day for international diplomacy. These sanctions are illegal and members of Security Council were bribed or intimidated to vote in favor of sanctions.


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birdflue: I wish I looked that good naked!

by Q on

I think what you are feeling is the sembolance of civilization coming back to this website!

I can't help if people with "hafe hesab" sound like me and vice versa.


Crumpling of International Order

by Parsa on

Yesterday’s third round of illegal sanctions passed against Iran was another sad day for rationality and reliance on institutions tasked with maintaining peace and international order. We can now expect strong voices from within Iran that will call for pulling out of the Non-Proliferation Treaty as it has become apparent that no amount of cooperation will ever be satisfactory to a handful of countries intent on denying Iran its inalienable right under the NPT to develop nuclear technology for peaceful use.

Iranians are keenly aware of this which now becomes a matter of national resolve as no self-respecting nation can and should submit to such depraved bullying.

Yek Irani

Yek Irani = Yek Irani

by Yek Irani on

Please read the works of David Ulansey (e.g. The origins of Mithraic Mysteries) and Franz Cumont (e.g. The Mysteries of Mithra).

Also looked the books from Payam Nabarz


Yek Irani=Q

by bird flu (not verified) on

Yek Irani=Q
"we have given them the foundations of their civilization which is Judeo-Christianty which is copied (especially Christianty word by word) from Mithraism,"
Please provide scholarly source. thanx.


Jungle Rule: Ganging on one nation.

by javad fakharzadeh (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Ala,

The way the neocons and Iran haters started this campaign was a calculated scheme; they first 'selected' Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, a staunch supporter of Israel, to head the UN. And since they already own the media everywhere, they used it heavily to brain wash the public against Iran. And if that was not enough, they convinced the permanent UNSC to accept the third round of sanctions against the Iranian people. This is the most unfortunate situation we have witnessed in recent memory: Ganging on one nation from all directions, militarily, economically, and false reports by controlled media. This is a jungle rule we are witnessing. An unfair practice to force a smaller nation into subjugation. I salute the Iranian people to withstand all kinds of atrocities against them ever since 1953.


Yek Iran you are right

by Daryush on

Iran must become strong and Iran will. I have no doubt in my mind that in this time and age the West can't do what they have been doing for more than a century now. Let's watch and see how things unfold, you might be nicely surprised. These sanctions don't mean SHIT, believe me. The west is desperate and doesn't know how to handle a true rising power that is threatening their 6+ cylinder cars.

I give the west 2 solutions:

1-develope a replacement for oil

2-get out of the region

The world must know that the region is not the same and won't ever be the way they dominated. The region blongs to Iran and her neighbors, just like Europe belongs to Europeans. We leave them alone and they should do the same. We just like to do business and nothing else!

Hopefully the West becomes independent of the Middle East and will find their way back to their home.

Yek Irani

Iran must become strong

by Yek Irani on

It is indeed the law of the jungle. We Iranians must realize that and understand that West has hated us since the time of ancient Greeks. Even though we have given them the foundations of their civilization which is Judeo-Christianty which is copied (especially Christianty word by word) from Mithraism, they have always portrayed us as evil and as Asian animal hoards. Just look at the movie 300. It sums it up. Snake is the ultimate evil in the West. Snake caused the Adam to be driven from paradise (another Iranian concept). You should do some research to see why snake has been chosen (I leave it to you).

Bottom line is that Iran must become as strong as possible, by any means. So we don’t have to pay ransom to the West.


It is a sad day

by Abarmard on

Now many informed citizens from various countries realize that international laws are bias and irrelevant. Politics obviously decides the right or wrong.

If I were Iran, I would pull my membership from NPT and tell the world that now we are going to do what we want without any restrictions. Let the world know the difference between cooperating and hindering. If you remember, two years during the Khatami administration, Iran stop the nuclear activity all together and during that time United States was speaking of sanctions. Then they decided to resume since they realize that the "nuclear" issue is nothing but an excuse to push the unfair western policies to Iran and the rest of the region.

Iran should pull out of NPT completely and show the countries who signed the sanction against her a big finger. Also I would go further and say that Iran should decrease the amount of oil that it pumps out. Iranian economy will suffer but not as much as many western countries. I believe that Iran does have cards to play, and I hope that they play it wisely. This is unfair, unjust and wrong. I don’t believe this is the end! These sanctions are more symbolic than realistic. Iranians inside are getting a better picture about the empty western slogans of Human Rights and realizing that the world does not give a damn about them. I believe this is a good thing for the Iranians in the long run.



Sad ??!!

by masoudA on

Sad indeed for the Islamic Republic and their goons in the United States.   As for the Iranian population - don't shed any crockadile tears for us - we all know the only thing that worries you is cutting-off the blood money people like you earn, at the price of 70 million abused Iranians.   The world is out to get the ISlamists - and the Iranian population welcomes it.    The only sad fates I see is of people like Trita Parsi and other cut-off sellouts whom will have no choice but to go under. 


This is simply the Law of the Jungle!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

By now we have all come to realize that the UN is a futile organization and totally at the service of the U.S. The U.S. will use any form of coercion, arm twisting to force UNSC member states to go along with its dictates, international law does not mean anything, being a signatory to the NPT means absolutely nothing, having rights as a sovereign nation is a bunch of baloney as far as the super power and its allies are concerned, the media is controlled by interest groups who simply repeat the same lies as the U.S. Gov., the American public can be brainwashed very easily in fact they don't even know how much their own civil rights have been curtailed - the U.S. is advocating the law of the jungle and not that of a democratic and civilized nation. Yet, many people are still fooled in believing that the U.S. aims at bringing democracy, liberation and freedom to the weaker countries; after it has directly destroyed their economies and crippled their civil liberties.

programmer craig

AnonymousMe, Nazy

by programmer craig on

Indeed it is a sad day to see the U.S. intimidating other countries to vote against Iran.

You think the US "intimidated" China and Russia? :O

I hope Iran does NOT surrender. Iran must terminate all the trade
agreements with Russia, China, and Germany and other puppet governments.

That'll show em!


Who will choose those leaders and monitor their perfomance?

People in democratic countries are likely to choose leaders that they think will defend them from people in un-democratic (and aggressive) countries. That's human nature. Any trend towards peace will have to begin in the world's dictatorships. Things have gotten out of control, too many places. And Iran is front-and-center.


Nazy Kaviani

It has been a sad few years...

by Nazy Kaviani on

Dear Dr. Ala:

Today was not an isolated instance of poor international diplomacy, in my opinion. It was a continuation of a worldwide trend of fear and agression and empty bravado and aggressive rhetoric on the part of many world leaders, who seem to care little about their nations and the world. I think our world needs new leaders who serve the interests of a world which needs food, air, work, education, health, industry, and above all loving and peaceful governance and citizenry. Who will choose those leaders and monitor their perfomance? Certainly a world citizenry paralyzed by fear and engulfed in the fires of hate and war is not capable to think and make those choices. It has been a sad few years, Dr. Ala.


Indeed a sad day . . .

by AnonymousMe (not verified) on

Indeed it is a sad day to see the U.S. intimidating other countries to vote against Iran.

I hope Iran does NOT surrender. Iran must terminate all the trade agreements with Russia, China, and Germany and other puppet governments.