Persian Gulf Day Pirooz

Mohammad Ala
by Mohammad Ala

Today, 10 Ordibehesht 1388, or April 30, 2009 is a National Day recognizing the Persian Gulf name.
On April 29, 2009, the First Persian Gulf Summit was held in Tehran where many speakers presented historical facts and defended this historical name.  The officials indicated that the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation games scheduled for October is not canceled and those who object to the name of Persian Gulf may choose not to participate.
It is our feeling that going against the historic name of Persian Gulf will hurt Arab and non-Arab countries in the long-term.  Iran has been the champion of Arab countries; it is not beneficial to these countries to antagonize Iran and Iranians.
On behalf of our members and the Board, we are thanking Dr. Mojtahed-Zadeh for participating in this event and speaking at Baharestan 2 program.  Furthermore, we thank him for mentioning our group in his speech.
Although our members chose 9 of Azar as Persian Gulf Day (see here), we accept 10 of Ordibehesht as Persian Gulf Day and join others in celebrating this historic name.

As Dr. Mojtahed-Zadeh mentioned in Baharestan program: ta to hasti, ta man hastam, Iran ast.


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Thanks and Happy Persian Gulf Day

by Parvizi (not verified) on

Thanks for this reminder. Happy Persian Gulf Day to all.


Sending ourselves postcards?

by Aboli (not verified) on

"Iran has been the champion of Arab countries"?

Are they saying that, or do we feel like they should view us that way?


Iran cancels Solidarity Games over the term Persian Gulf

by Bunyip on

The Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF)
Secretary General Saleh Gazdar and Technical Committee Chairman Mohammad Bashir Al-Trabosli said in a Tehran meeting that Arab states would only participate in the event if the term Persian Gulf is replaced with the Arabian Gulf or Gulf.

Tehran, however, said it would never retreat from its stance concerning the use of the Persian Gulf and canceled the games despite spending over 10 million US dollars on the project in the past two years, alef reported.

“The Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation has always accepted the Iranian
stance on the Persian Gulf. We are keeping the Persian Gulf name in all of our
brochures, maps and medals,” said executive secretary of the 2009 games, HassanMirza Aghabeigi.

Negotiations with the Arab delegation are still ongoing in the Iranian city of

The multinational, multisport event was set to be held from October 16 to 30 in Tehran, Isfahan and Mashhad, hosting athletes from various fields including
soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball, swimming, water polo, archery,
fencing, weightlifting and table tennis.