A Lesson for Us

Mohammad Ala
by Mohammad Ala

Today (April 8), 2008, I noticed the following link in Yahoo.com

It is about an advertisement created for Mexican market which shows a
map of the Mexico before the U.S. attacked Mexico.

Althought it was not shown in the U.S. and Mexicans remain sensitive about the loss of their land, the advertisement made U.S. consumers angry.

Because of number of complains from the U.S. consumers, the adv.
agency (Teran/TBWA) discontinued the advertisement.

So, next time you see a wrong reference to the Persian Gulf or abuse
of our heritage, take a similar action. It will make a difference.

Thank you.


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Curious Joe

Picture Iran in an Absolute World of the 22nd Century

by Curious Joe on

Not trying to be a devil’s advocate, but the whole issue of the West bank settlers and the crying-wolf of the Palestinians reminds me of the aftermath of Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza.



So the Americans are crying wolf, and the Swedish company withdrew its ads in Mexico. So, what?  Does that mean the Latino population is going to take over the US political landscape within the next 200 years?


Given the current condition of Iran and what is going to happen to her within the next 100 years, do the issues of heritage, culture and “territorial rights” really mean anything?


Considering the pride of the Lors, the Arab Khuzestanis, the Kurds, the Azaris, etc. -- and given the current shaky IRI regime, and the plans of the superpowers to divide and conquer – I see Iran disintegrating into several independent countries within the next 50 years – only to re-unite 200 years later -- after a lot of bloodshed (like the current civil war in Iraq, and the previous disintegration of Yugoslavia, Soviet Union, etc.).


So, within a 300 years perspective, why get too excited or worked-up about someone calling a piece of water “The Persian Gulf” vs. “The Arabian Gulf” vs. “The Islamic Gulf” vs. The PPG22 – “The Progressive People’s Gulf of the 22nd century”?



If a boozer can stand up, . . .

by Omid (not verified) on

This was in the News yesterday.

If an American booz drinker can stand up for his or her country, we should be able to defend our heritage too.

I agree with the poster who said there is no excuse.


Instead of bickering Iranians should unite at minimum for Iran

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

Totally agree with the author of the article.

We can each take a step in helping to protect our heritage; culture, and sovereign territorial rights.

This is one positive steps that Iranian dissidents can take which will have an impact for all of us.

Any excuse for not taking action only demonstrates that we love to talk and complain but are not willing to take any action that is within our control.


The problem

by MRX1 (not verified) on

is not in U.S where 95% of organizations and people use the correct terminology. the problem is in Europe. The big promoter of that is of course mullah's masters in Brittain but of course now all Europeans started the same rubbish..........


Well said

by AnonymousFish (not verified) on

I saw the news too.

In a free country, (or so-called free country of USA), one cannot use a map which is NOT too old in comparison to our history.

As you said, then WHY the U.S. is using a wrong name for Persian Gulf?

Shame on Iranians living in the U.S. who have NO pride.