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by Mohammad Ala

I am sharing an e-mail from Ms. Golnoosh Hakimdavar who is one of our supporters. She is the Director of Academic Development at International University College of Turin (// This University has impressive faculty and staff and is interested in students and faculty members from different background. Here is Golnoosh jaan's e-mail, please share it with others:

From: Golnoosh <>
Date: May 11, 2008 8:49 AM
Subject: Information on a new school
To: M. Ala <>

Dear Professor Ala:

I have recently became involved with a school named International University College of Turin. The school is located in Torino, Italy and it offers a Master of Science degree in comparative law, economics and finance. Since the school is recruiting from the top schools and universities I decided to send this email out to you so that you become aware of the program.

I ask that you forward this information to your friends and family members. The IUC Turin is dedicated to finding students from unconventional countries and backgrounds. The courses are being taught by judges, lawyers and practitioners in the fields coming from five different continents. Please find the detailed information at:

If you know anyone who you believe is an outstanding candidate and is interested in studying comparative law, economics and finance please forward them this email, candidates from all fields are welcome. There are scholarships available for those who qualify so don't hesitate to send this to everyone you see fit.

The IUC is determined to create a diverse environment so students from Latin America, Africa, the Middle Wast and the Far East are particularly encouraged to apply.

I hope that you will be able to distribute this email amongst your friends and family so that they will have a chance to take advantage of this opportunity.


Thank you, Golnoosh


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How amazing!

by Nadias on

Thank you for continuing to share educational opportunities.


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