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Mohammad Ala
by Mohammad Ala

The following film is called Ghazie Shekle Aval Shekle Dovom. This film was made shortly after the revolution. Mr. Kiarostami should film the present people in power.  There are many lessons in this short film.

Ghazieh shekle aval shekle dovvom from Green Mind on Vimeo.


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Azarin Sadegh

This movie was featured on Iranian.com last week!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Actually, a few days ago I was stunned to find my husband in this movie!  Ghormeh Sabzi had already posted it last week, and since then my hubby hasn't stopped emailing it to everybody he knows! He is one of the guilty boys (the shortest and the cutest one!)

Of course he had told me about his poor acting in the movie of Kiarostami (a close family friend), but my main surprise was the fact that he hadn't said a word about Khalkhali and Yazdi, and the rest of the gang being in the same movie...:-)

And now, I feel that my husband's darkest secret is finally out ..:-)



Thank you for posting this film....

by Ostaad on

I had posted this last Thursday after seeing it on Payknet. I was thinking of posting it again and I'm glad you did it.

I suggest that Iranian.com feature this film on its Home Page.

This movie is a must watch.



Capturing the passport of our society in 47 minutes

by ramintork on

I was mesmerized.

Putting aside the initial social analysis, the film has found so much significance in term of the retrospective look at the idealogy of some of the IRI founders and the fate of some of these players.

I think Kiarostami subliminally provides the answer in the ending where we seem to hear the entire class joining in and making the same offending sound, and since the teacher can not put the entire class out, he would have to change his strategy.

My answer to this:

The system was wrong, the teacher should not be in the position to give such a collective punishment where some kids are deprived of education he should not spend a long time doing a drawing that he could do before lesson, he should not put the kids in the position of betrayal. The kids should had kept their solidarity but should have taken further action in alerting other authorities in the form of headmaster or parents and not simply accept their punishment.

Ari Siletz

Brilliant exposition of a dilemma!

by Ari Siletz on

And a lot (I mean a lot!) more. Thank you for recommending this film.