FILA Greco-Roma​n 2011 World Champion is Iran

Mohammad Ala
by Mohammad Ala

Iran is the world champion in 2011.  The final match ended half an hour ago in Minsk, Belarus.
I watched most of the matches.  The final was between Iran and Russia.  Iran won the first three weights and Russia the next three weights with several questionable calls going their way.  The deciding wrestling took place in 96kg which Iran won with zarbeh fani.
Iran gold (first)
Russia (second)
Belarus (third)
Iranians were cheering for Belarus.  Another win over Russia for Iran (in Football and now in Wrestling)
Congratulations to our team.  They made us proud.
The first day of competition left a great impression with a very good organisation and a vast attendance of wrestling connoisseurs. Group A was seeded by Russia that maintained the first place after the elimination rounds, placing in front of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Bulgaria. Group B was seeded by the Turkish team, but it got outstripped by Iran and Belarus and ended up at the third place in front of Cuba and Korea. The finals started this morning. The 9th place was disputed by Bulgaria and Korea, which won the match by 4 wins to 3. Cuba and Armenia fought for the the 7th place that was brilliantly won by Armenia by 6 wins to 1. The match for the 5th place was again a little more tight with a victory of 4 to 3 by Turkey over Kazakhstan. The great finals will take place later this afternoon with the host country against Azerbaijan for the 3rd place and Russia against Iran for the 2011 World Cup. 


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Ari Siletz

Wow! Russia is a FORMIDABLE opponent!

by Ari Siletz on

Congratulations, Iran!!