Columbus Day in Americas

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Columbus Day in Americas…. Columbus Day is celebrated in Americas (USA day in 2011 was October 10). This blog looks at the other side of the coin so to speak... lies about Christopher Columbus: //

From the Guardian newspaper 11 January 2010: "In 1492, some 100 million native peoples lived in the Americas. By the end of the 19th Century almost all of them had been exterminated.

President Bush several times said “.... other countries do not like us because of our human rights and freedom.”


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Thank you Cost-of-progress for your input and time

by Mohammad Ala on

There are many fascinating articles about The Columbus Day. Many Native people in Americas call him a terrorist and a pirate. 





Dear Mr Ala

by Cost-of-Progress on

The concpet of "human Rights" as we see it today has only been around for a few decades. All humans and governments are equally responsible for violating it because it, like many other aspects of human activity and inter relations on earth, is a man made notion. Humans, by nature are very aggressive and vicious - it is a reality that we have genetically inheriated and what has enabled us to evolve into the flowers that we are......

Just look at what humans have done to each other in the 20th centruy:

-Two world wars - one with the detonation of two thermo-nuclear bombs
Largest massacare of humans by other humans in history - The Nazis

-countless colonization efforts with brutal repression of the natives (mainly done by western and sea faring powers). Take the Brits, Dutch Spanish and Portugese as the main offenders. The British hold the trophy with their colonization of North America as the latest in brutal series of one human violating another human in every which way possible.

-countless regional conflicts

-countless religious conflicts

-An all out attack on the very fragile envorment we live in (air, water and soil)
There are obvioulsy many more.

Now, the so called developed nations have all of a sudden become the defenders of such rights (still where & when it serves them) while the more ass backward nations still see violence and opression as the No. 1 tool to reign over those with a lesser ability to stand up to them and challenge their rule. The difference is that they still do it to their people while the western nation practice it selectively and where their interest is served.

Will it ever change? Yes, but not for a long time. We humans are way too primative.