Arab spring . . . West winter . . .

Mohammad Ala
by Mohammad Ala

Arab spring has promised to bring more transparency, accountability, and gender equality which all are good.

The “bad” dictators who turned against the West were “good” to them at times and even dictators from Egypt, Iraq, or Libya played the role of partners.  The good dictators guaranteed a stable environment for the West to access oil and gas while polluting the region which has been painful for the people who live in it.

Traveling through the region, one can observe that Western countries status is lower than it has been.  One sided policies from one country to another has not brought stability nor democracy… in our region where the West cannot fix or walk away from it, people must take control of their own destiny with ample resources and manpower at their reach.  Here is an example to watch:



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A question

by amirkabear4u on

Recently it has come to my mind that the events we are witnessing in middle east today is not as new as a lot of people think. I do know that westerners, in particular the british, were very busy in that region. But what concerns me most is that if the historians recorded the events correctly. This WMD did not exists but when I was studing some of the historic events I got this odd filling the excusses were nearly the same. West's security !!!!!!!!!

Am I correct in this assumption?

If this is correct they have a lot to answer.




Good, bad and the ugly dictators…

by Bavafa on

Unfortunately, there is plenty of dictators in ME and they all fall into one of the categories above largely based on their expiration date.

It is worth noting that our beloved mother-land traded a good dictator for an ugly one, where as our neighbor country, Iraq, converted a bad dictator to a good only to turn bad again.

As for Bahrain or Saudi Arabia currently hosting the good dictators, Syria is the home to a bad dictators. 
And needless to say that Palestine and Lebanon have democratically elected governments yet never got the recognition or status of a democratic nation, perhaps because those democratically elected governments were not on the approved list of the “West” much like the Iranian President need first to get the passing grade from the Shoraye negahban first.

A good post and thanks for link.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



From Spring to Winter and The Missing Element!

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Aghay Ala,  there's one key player and element in our region that's as significant, powerful, and damaging as "the West," but it gets no mention in here. Can you identify it?

I could give you a clue, but that will give it away! Well, here's a sort of a hint anyway: there was also no mention of it in the clip either. Looks like everyone forgets this one! Cheers