2011 FIVB Men's World Cup (Japan)

Mohammad Ala
by Mohammad Ala

12 teams are participating in this World Cup:

Iran Asia's Champion and China represent Asia.  Japan is the host.

First Iran won against Japan (3 - 1)

Second game Iran lost to Cuba (0 - 3). Cuba is the North America's Champion.

In third game which finished a few minutes ago, Iran won Serbia (3-2).  Serbia is the European Champion.  This was a close match.

Each team will play all the other 11 teams.  So far Iran is ranked # 5 out of 12 teams.  For more information, please refer to: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_FIVB_Men%27s_World_Cup

Do doro do, Iran.


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Mohammad Ala

The games finished

by Mohammad Ala on

The games finished on Saturday December 3, 2011.  Iran started very well and in the second week of these games it was ranked # 4, but finished # 9 above Japan (host country), China, and Egypt.

# 1 Russia, # 2 Poland (which Iran defeated) and # 3 Brazil

Mohammad Ala

Iran WON against poland

by Mohammad Ala on

In an exciting and unbelievable match Iran won against Poland 3 -2.  From this game, Iran received 2 points and Poland 1 point.

Poland won 25-23

Iran won 26-28

Poland won 25-8!!

Iran came back and won 24-26

Final game, Iran WON 15-11 (the fifth games are 15 points) 


Nice Tournament

by jmyt17 on

I watched  Iran vs. Japan what good game.Hope they can come up with a good result by the end of tournament.


Mohammad Ala

Best of the best...

by Mohammad Ala on

Faramarz jan;

The participating countries are the best at least in their region.  Iran is the Asian Champion.  I have watched all Iran’s games.  This tournament provides fantastic experience for our athletes and encourages others to play the game.  In matches against Japan and Serbia MVPs were from Iran.


Great Tournament

by Faramarz on

Thank you Mr. Ala.

This is a great tournament and a lot of fun to watch. Iran's team looks solid.

Iran's next much is against Poland tomorrow night at 10 PM (west coast) followed by the match against Argentina the next day.

You can catch the matches on the internet at: