Easter Holiday thoughts: Non-wood!

Easter Holiday thoughts: Non-wood!
by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan

The other day, I was at this garden furniture outlet, and I saw some tables and chairs made of what was labeled as ”non-wood.”

I asked the owner why they didn’t just call it plastic or polycarbonate, etc.
His answer was kind of interesting. He said it was because, although really just plastic, the material used for the furniture had the surface structure, feel and form of real wood therefore the term non-wood -- wood that is not wood.

Now, in the above, replace wood with Iranian and you’ll get a picture of some the characters on this site.


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Fantastic article

by MaryamJoon on


It's obvious to me even after a short time being here.



Extra Thoughts

by Demo on

Even though termed as 'non-woods' their physical properties might be much superior as the 'woods' substitutes. But the indicated crowd are like the 'living deads' not comparable with the 'real lifers!'