Adbusters One Flag Contest (Iranian finalist)

Adbusters One Flag Contest (Iranian finalist)
by MendedArrow

Adbusters recently had a call for designs for a flag to represent the
entire world. They've narrowed the 1,000+ submissions down to 32
and now they're asking the public to vote for the best one. The winner
will actually be put into production and distributed by Adbusters. You
have until March 14th to cast your vote.

Iranian-American Designer, Bizhan Khodabandeh is one of the finalists in
the contest.

Vote here

Bizhan's "Artist Statement":
The black flag has been used to embody the idea of global citizenship
since the 1880's. It represents the absence of a flag, therefore, the
absence of nations and of borders.

The addition of the circle is intended - like many tribal cultures - to
illustrate a decentralized social structure. The circle doubles as a
globe without any natural distinctions or borders.

The flag is asymmetrical allowing for it to be displayed in such a way
that it implies times of distress or of peace.

The simple flag design allows for easy reproduction. Anybody can easily
draw a rectangle with an offset circle in it. Symbols easy to reproduce
ensure longevity and have a viral effect. One need not rely on
expensive reproduction methods to create their own flag or scrawl it's
image on a wall.


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by carol (not verified) on

I like this. All of us should try to help our fellow iranian. so submit your vote.

rosie is roxy is roshan

double post.

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rosie is roxy is roshan

it's a striking flag.

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i like it. thanks.