Two men engaged in sexual activity, 19th century

Two men engaged in sexual activity, 19th century
by megabiz


Taverns were closely associated with homosexual activities in 19th century Iran. Many of these taverns employed young boys as cup bearers and entertainers. This drawing probably depicts such environment, because of wide array of stimulants have been included in the image. Most notable are the cigarette and opium pipe that are depicted being used by the participants, and the bottle and cup of wine on the tray in the foreground. There is also a book (probably of poetry) in the foreground, demonstrating the close relationship between poetry and the erotica in popular culture.


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Oon Yaroo

After Eftar ritual in Hozyeh Elmiyeh Qom! Is that a jar of ....

by Oon Yaroo on

vaseline? This might very well be a portrait of Khomeini's grand father teaching Khamenei's grand father the difference between the birds and the bees!?


این زنه نه مرد




That is a hairy female! Use a magnifying glass and you'll see ..


Remember, this drawing is from 19th century when women were hairy and ugly in Iran. This is an era when there weren't plastic surgeons, or laser hair removal specialists, and vagebee was not allowed for facial applications. 

Shlomo likes women without hair! 


Yolanda jaan

by Truthseeker9 on

my pleasure.


May or may not be related

by Rea on


My Name is Red

by Rea on

Like it. Even as a woman, I find it rather sensual.



by yolanda on

Thank you, T9, for the link! Super interesting article, it took me 2 days to read it!

Thank you for posting!


Some interesting reading

by Truthseeker9 on


This has since been rectified

by Cost-of-Progress on

according to Antarinejaad, there are no gays in Iran!

An hey...this is a modest drawing, afterall with your clothes on, you can only dry hump each other....or is this foreplay? I dunno.



by Frashogar on

Qajar aristocrats doing what they did best.



by yolanda on

OMG! This reminds me of the recent Hafez' poetry blog!