Parthian Coin of Arsaces I

Parthian Coin of Arsaces I
by megabiz


Arsaces I (247-211 B.C.)

Mint: Nisa (Located in Modern Turkmenistan)

Obv: beardless head wearing bashlyk;

Rev: beardless archer wearing bashlyk and cloak seated left on backless throne, holding bow in left hand.

Greek inscription = ΑΡΣΑΚΟΥ / ΑΥΤΟΚΡΑΤΟΡΟΣ which means Arsaces the Autocrat. He was the founder of the Parthian empire which ruled over Iran for almost five centuries.


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Descent from Antiquity

by Rebecca on

It is interesting that Arsaces I's DFA (Descent from Antiquity) is well established. Some European royal families such as the Italian kings of House of Savoy or James III of Scotland are descendants of the Parthian kings through their relationship with Parthian kings of Armenia and Georgia.