OnTen Sucks! VOA must bring back Kambiz Hosseini and Parazit!

by MaziarB

I decided to brave it and take another look at OnTen today to see whether they have improved any since their miserable debut shows. I don't know how to say this any other way, but this show sucks. Saman Arbabi is not funny. He doesn't speak Farsi well. His sidekick is not funny, though his Farsi is better. Their material is just a tired repeat of what used to blaze and explode on the set of Parazit every week when Kambiz Hosseini used to deliver it. It is really boring and bimazzeh and obviously it isn't getting any better.

Dear VOA. How could you close down the only show that was good on your network? What kind of television programming decision was that? Are you paying attention?

How could you do this to the people of Iran? Those poor souls who had nothing to bring them information and cheer, the millions who emptied the streets, restaurants, and shops to go home and watch Parazit, often with their families and friends, according to reports. How could you deprive them of that?

This show has no soul. Kambiz Hosseini was the heart and soul of Parazit and no matter how talented Saman Arbabi was behind the scene, he is not even a mediocre comedian on the scene. His sidekick has even less charisma.

Please bring back Kambiz Hosseini and Parazit. How hard can it be? Please give the Iranian people inside and outside Iran the joy of watching VOA again.



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Not so fast

by Fesenjoon2 on

Kambiz by himself wasnt that funny either. He just kept yelling. And the shows in which he was funny, were produced by Saman.

Kambiz also had another glaring problem which may have contributed to the Parazit demise in one way or another: He was a bit afraid to attack IRI officials directly. Saman and "Aghaye Doctor" openly put a crown on Khamenei's head, and mock IRI officials to the utmost extent. Kambiz never had the guts for that kind of language. Perhaps it was VOA that wouldnt let them be open in their satire, but still, Saman is the one who easily keeps attacking IRI officials, including the Rahbar, for what they are. Kambiz kept using khaayeh maali phrases like "aakheh baradar-e man" as if he recogoizes the IRI officials and Pasdar/Baseejis he critiqued. That was a huge turn-off. As if he was afraid to directly call the rahbar and his goons Adam-kosh. Saman is not afraid. 

The fact is that they were both great TOGETHER. But not by themselves.

The problem with Onten is that Saman is basically running a one man show. I dont know if it's a budget issue or not. Still, the "khabar haaye daagh-e hafteh", commercials, and "weekly email to IRI officials" are actually pretty good. But the section where he does the IRIB style commentaries are incredibly dull. Somebody else needs to do that, like Kambiz.

I could do it if he hired me. But then again, who the hell am I. Just another former IRIB worker who doesnt live in NYC. 

Besides, you have high expectations, my friend. VOA-farsi was never good to begin with. They are totally unoriginal and boring to watch. Watch BBC, like the rest of us.