Arab Spring

Arab Spring
by masoudA

1- There is no democracy in Egypt....there never was. And let me remind you...their so called elections was supervised by non other than JIMMY Carter!! need i say more?

2- There can be democracies in Moslem fact there can even be great democracies - as long as the base is in line with human rights and secularism.    The base must be placed before a democracy can be built on top of it.   

3- I wonder if any Obama supporters would dare criticize the idiot for pulling the rug from under Mobarak!! My dear hamvatans - those of you who swing to the left - watever you do - be your own man - stand for individualism - do not blindly stand under the flag of socialism - and most importantly do not keep quiet when your side screws up. That is if you think you are ready for a Democracy.


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the 8 years that Dubya was in power, he started the Iraq war because "the guy tried to kill my daddy". True reason was something else, but it ended up costing this country a lot of money and ran up the deficit by 1 trillion right up to the end of his term.

Also, the Right managed to run the economy into the ground through the the financial meltdown (not to mention BP fuck up in the Gulf) due to "small government" and lack of regulations or their enforcement.

Ideology is like religion: everyone thinks theirs is the best there is!