Rob Sobhani (Senate Race): Generalizes that Professional Iranian Women Are 'Prostitutes'


Rob Sobhani (Senate Race): Generalizes that Professional Iranian Women Are 'Prostitutes'
by MaryamJoon

 I had a feeling there was something wrong with Rob Sobhani. In my blog, (Rob Sobhani (Senate Race): A Wolf in sheep's clothing? Can Iranians trust him?), I put several questions to Mr. Sobhani asking him to clarify his stance on sanctions against Iran; his energy work with the Republic of Azerbaijan; his pro-Saudi statements; his pro-Israel statements; and what appeared to be gross and defamatory exaggerations against the Iranian people.   My detailed points are in that blog, and you should read them before supporting Sobhani or giving him $1.

Mr. Sobhani, who has an account here at, and who was given notice of my blog prior to its publication chose to say nothing and instead has had a handful of followers try to drag the issues into irrelevancies (with one claiming that I am Trita Parsi from the National Iranian American Council!).   

It's a simple point Mr. Sobhani:  If you want votes and support from the Iranian community, show us your prior statements on sanctions against Iran. Show us when you stood up to be counted against anti-Iranian discrimination.  Show us that you have the independence to stand up to the Israeli Lobby when they make remarks calling for the 'mass starvation of Iranian' or the 'annihilation of Iran.'

Mr. Sobhani is still being afforded the chance to respond to that original blog -- he is running for Senate and these things matter.  

I did some more digging and found that Sobhani had generalized that professional Iranian women in Iran normally become prostitutes!

Sobhani, who is from Kanasas, may have missed that in 2007 the Kansas City Police Department made 341 prostitution-related arrests, but Iranians don't go around suggesting that every woman from Kansas is a prostitute.  However, Sobhani doesn't seem to see it that way; he generalizes about the whole country of Iran and Iranian women in particular.

Below is a letter I found where Iranian students were calling for his ouster.  The students don't seem to have been successful, but it is clear that Rob Sobhani is not for the Iranian community.  

Iranians can do better than this guy, and let that be a message to the next Manchurian Candidate they try to get us to support.   


Iranain-Americans request to Expel Adjunct Professor Rob Sobhani from Georgetown University 

by Koorosh Arfaian
The Ezine DOT Net
January 6, 2003


To: Georgetown University, Office of the Provost Georgetown University Office of the Provost

Professor James J. O'Donnell Suite 650,
Bunn Intercultural Center Georgetown University
Washington, DC 20057-1014 Voice: 202-687-6400 FAX: 202-687-5103
email :

Dear Professor James J. O'Donnell,

It should be brought to your attention that one of your professors, Mr. Rob Sobhani, has been slandering Iranians on repeated occasions. On May sixth, at a seminar sponsored by the Hudson Institute and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., and again on May seventeenth, at the University of Washington in Seattle, Mr. Sobhani delivered a speech that included a very damaging, untruthful, and anti-Iranian statement. The specific comment of concern can be found below, highlighted and in bold.

Rob Sobhani: "There's a young lady here in the United States who is in her mid thirties. She's a Deputy Secretary of Education in the United States, an American Iranian. That same 30-something in Iran has to prostitute herself to make ends meet."

Mr. Sobhani's irresponsible and inappropriate statement implies that Iranian women are prostitutes, however competent they might be. His allegation is both false and malicious. What is more, the statement was made on two separate occasions, indicating that its use was not a careless, accidental, or isolated incident but was part of a systematic, deliberate attempt to defame a targeted community.

The Iranian-American community is outraged. Legal action against Mr. Sobhani is under consideration.

Where Georgetown University is concerned in this matter is in the extent that the institution supports Mr. Sobhani, financially, academically, and publicly. Mr. Sobhani has been hurting the Iranian community for years. The offensive and profane comment in question is only one example of Mr. Sobhani's persuasive technique. His manner of argument uses the degradation of the image of Iranians to that of a helpless, backward people as a tactic to gain support for his political agenda. The consequences of Mr. Sobhani's method are that he demonizes the Iranian people, generating hate, racism, and prejudice. By hiring Mr. Sobhani, Georgetown University is providing him with a platform from which to speak and to propagate his views. Mr. Sobhani's public presence and authority as an "expert on Middle Eastern affairs" is founded on the academic prestige of a Georgetown University professorship. In giving Mr. Sobhani's voice legitimacy, Georgetown University contributes to his anti-Iranian campaign.

We, the undersigned, request that Georgetown University expel adjunct professor Mr. Rob Sobhani and to ask that Georgetown University publicly announce that the institution does not support or share Mr. Sobhani's views.


The Undersigned


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If they ever needed someone to play Mr. Spock ...

by MaryamJoon on

... I would just say, beam him up scotty because his lips are sealed.  


Dear Nojan-Kabir

by MaryamJoon on

Do you think sometimes the voices of Iranians are drowned out by other special interests apart from Neocons? Dialogue with Haifan-Baha'i Leaders -- People Have Questions.  


no more neo cons please !

by nojanthegreat on

I remember seeing him on TV not long ago defending Saudi Arabia policies and related subjects in middle east . I don’t vote for republicans and neo cons anyway , but I know we are a shady people and I also know that we Iranian do the most damages to our own country and people where ever we are .

Iranian in America , when ever they talk about Iran use exaggerations to the highest limits. They picture Iran like its Taliban land or its so horrible to live in . I also know that our opposition to Iranian government blind us and make use to get in bed with different groups and politicians.

I am not from Maryland but I think Iranian who want to help him or support him need to know his political back ground and policies. They have a right to know where he is standing on middle east issues , from recent sanctions against Iran, anti Iranian policies of us government , Iran’s right to nuke , the recent terror acts against Iranian citizens and other hot topics.

But in the end I don’t think electing a neo con , or republican is good for us , as Iranian or as American . ( not that democrats are any better anyway )


Dear Sholomo I agree Sobhani has 'grabbed the bull'

by MaryamJoon on

... but I think we have different 'bulls' in mind.  

In fact I think his campaign has grabbed too much bull ...

He can't answer questions while he has an account here!  

Have you ever seen a squirrel run up a tree?  It's kind of like that when you ask Sobhani a question. 


Dear Mr. Sobhani, a cowboy would say grab the bull by the horns


and squeeze until it drops and submits.

That should be your answer in response to the question, " What is your position on sanctions against IRR?"

Shlomo for Rob Sobhani for US Senate 2012!


These are questions to a Senate candidate ... right?

by MaryamJoon on

The person running for office is Rob Sobhani ... not me.  

Rob, what is your position on sanctions against Iran?  

And the Rob says ... ? 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Banafsheh Z: word of advice ... avoid this blogger like plague!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

This person is no "lady".

A known Bahai hater, IRI sympathizer and out of whack creature.

Has "shone" on this site many many times before ... before getting booted many many times again ... under many many usernames.

Is fond of legal threats and innuendo, and has repeatedly theatened to sue everyone who comes against his aims, including the ADMINs of this very site.


It's a threat

by Frashogar on

The Nazis used such tactics in the years leading up to them taking total power in Germany. They bullied employers over their staff who would disagree with the Nazis publicly or in print.


Why 'getting fired from my job' for asking political questions?

by MaryamJoon on

"by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on although at this rate you may be getting fired at your job"


Prof. Beeman of Brown Univ. made similar criticisms vs Sobhani

by MaryamJoon on

Attacking me does you no good; Sobhani is running for Senate and he should respond given he has an account here. 

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Take a look at your nutty blog. Real whack job?

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Friendly advise.  Woman to woman:  do you realize how nutty and kookie you look with your off-the-wall non-sense.  What ever half-truths you may have fall victim to your real nutty headlines and the way you go about it!

On top of it clearly whose ever interest you are peddling (although at this rate you may be getting fired at your job) is not being well served!

So chill.  Take a look at your nutty blogs.  Maybe you can earn a few more dollars to be a bit more thoughtful and sophisticated than your nutty mud slinging, whack job approach.

Just say'n. 

In your next digital life, practice less hate, replace malice with a little love. You'll go much farther.  I promise you.  

(Also Girl, I hope this ain't the way you run your household?)   



Sobhani accused of violating journalism rules to help Arabs

by MaryamJoon on

"Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian writes a thorough expose’ of CNN’s dubious journalistic practice of accepting “sponsorships” from the very regimes they are supposedly investigating. The story stems from a former CNN employee, Amber Lyon, blowing the whistle on the practice as it relates to CNN spiking a documentary which is very critical of the Bahrainian regime.

Figuring in the scandal is an Independent candidate for U.S. Senate from Maryland,Rob Sobhani."



First Amendment


by First Amendment on

One doesn't have to say anything if one doesn't have anything to say; that's far better than resorting to the outdated tactic of name smearing and such.........

What NIAC thing, where's the IRI stuff?......the reality stays where it belongs to .......Rob is a sold-out undeniable evidence.............end of story..........

Immortal Guard

Some people...

by Immortal Guard on

Some people work in order to make a living. Some people like this dude sell themselves out. Ron Sobhani is the real prostitute of the Zionist Jews and not the Iranian women!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

NIAC sympathizers attack viciously for their dear IRI

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

There seems to be no limit to how low the NIAC sympathizers on this site would go to attack their enemies, who are not friendly towards IRI.


Sobhani's supporter signed up 2 days ago to shill for him

by MaryamJoon on


Account holder for 2 days.  Cute.  

Can't your candidate address issues?   


Can you trust Rob Sobhani? It doesn't see so ...

by MaryamJoon on

2 other people objected to Rob Sobhani and those comments are no longer on this blog, while people that support him are attacking those that ask him to clarify his political positions.  


Rob Sobhani, What style Iranian sells his soul to the Saudis?

by MaryamJoon on

Sobhani encourages fundamentalist Wahabi-Arabs to engage in pyschological operations against Iran:

"Equally important, the broadcasting of massive demonstrations against an Islamic government via Arab satellite networks ...." - Rob Sobhani



by MaryamJoon on

Sobhani's Statements:  

' The day I arrived in Israel on a recent trip, the 1000-to-one swap of Hamas terrorists for Gilad Shalit was front page news.' ... (He repeats some nonsense about 'wiping Israel off the map.)' ... 'Washington should focus its efforts on making this divide (between the government and people) permanent.' (No wonder this guy can't travel to Iran !) ... (Sobhani speaks of, 'Tehran's support for terrorist organizations such ... Al-Qaeda.')  

The stench coming off of Sobhani is unmistakable.   

Soosan Khanoom

Baharstef or those who know this guy

by Soosan Khanoom on

What is Rob's position in respect to pre emptive strike by Israel or U.S against Iran?  And what does he think about tight sanctions?  Once I get the answers then I shall see if I like to vote for him or not?  

This is my first time hearing about this person and why I am so clueless only God knows.   I actually did spend last semester towards my master degree at Georgetown university and also did three years of research work there but I had never heard of him.. Perhaps he got this position not long tome ago ... or perhaps I was so busy working my butt off there that I missed the opportunity to know him.  

In any case I would like to know more about his policies towards Iran.  I did not read the entire blog here and skipped it ... Just thought  a question or two on him would do it for me ...

So let me know ... Anyone? 












Go Rob Go!

by Faramarz on

Mr. Sobhani,

The Iranian community is behind you all the way.


Rob Sobhani will make a great Senator

by Baharstef on

Look kids look at that mad woman, isn't it scary ?

Look at her on the cardboard podium, talking to the trees, selling snake oil, trying to convince you with poisonous words that we never landed on the moon, that the new world order is coming for us all....

She continues her slanderous premeditated character attack at the cost of her integrity and that of her followers. Immortal Guard your comment is extremely racist, we don't need your Nazi views here. Maryamjoon you would have had a wonderful career at News of the World. You seem to know sooo much about the man, and yet we know so little about you. 

Oh look at that, an honest mistake, oops, you somehow completely disregarded another petition that doesn't fit your close minded narrative containing actual students from the university that was right on top of your post. You didn't think honest people would notice ?

You really are something special.

Rob Sobhani is a succesfull and kind family man, which I doubt either of the two you are.



We, the undersigned, would like to bring to your attention the facts about S. Rob Sobhani, Ph.D., an Adjunct Faculty at the Department of Government at Georgetown University. 

1. Throughout his academic career and in his personal life, Professor Sobhani has never insulted the people of Iran or any segment of Iranian society. 

2. Professor Sobhani has always maintained the utmost respect for his heritage. 

3. Recent petitions (to expel Professor Sobhani from Georgetown University by Mr. Koorosh Arfaian) and slanderous articles (such as the one by Professor Beeman of Brown University) are an attempt to assassinate Professor Sobhanis character. Both Messers Arfaian and Beeman are frequent visitors to the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

4. Professor Sobhanis robust and vocal support for the rule of law in Iran is in tune with the wishes of millions of freedom-loving Iranians. 

5. As an Adjunct Faculty at Georgetown University, Professor Sobhani has spoken directly to the Iranian people via the Voice of America and other outlets about American foreign policy making. He has never abused his privileged position at Georgetown University. 

6. S. Rob Sobhani, Ph.D. is loved and admired by his students for his love of teaching and dedication to telling the truth. 

7. Past and present U.S. Administrations have sought Professor Sobhanis counsel on issues concerning Iran and the broader Middle East. 

8. Agents of and apologists for the Islamic Republic of Iran in the United States have started a concerted effort to assassinate the character of those brave individuals like Professor Sobhani who speak freely about the need for democracy in Iran. There is a direct correlation between these slanderous attacks and Professor Sobhanis continued public criticism of a regime the U.S. State Department has identified as the number one sponsor of state terrorism. 

We respectfully ask that Georgetown University ignore the slanderous attacks on Professor S. Rob Sobhani and continue the relationship he has had with Georgetown University ever since he walked through its gates over twenty-four years ago."

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

A fabulously brilliant man, Rob is an all American story !

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Just too funny.  This is now your 3rd (counting) piece; unimpressive attempts to tear down quite an impressive guy!
Real steamed up over Rob Sobhani running for office in America, America!?
As you dwell in your super small world (intellectually that is) of hatred, hatred for Jews, for Israel, Arabs, Azerbaijan, Baha'is, Kurds and Christians (come to think of it all in perfect alignment with NIAC's TP) you are forgetting basic facts. (This aint the IR.)

Not sure who is a traitor to whom or what? But for sure it is a guarantee that as an American Rob would be a traitor to the values upheld by the mullahs; all punishable by un-Godly acts?

This 'expose' is again another comical cut and paste job of
untruths and much ado about nothing! 

I recommend you a nice glass of vintage Camus Cabernet.  It goes well with a medium-rare (on the bloody side for you) grilled pork chops. Get a side of roasted garlic, a la Provencal (lowers your blood pressure). Then go for a very long walk, go back to a warm cup of herbal tea, and hit the sac.

Hopefully you'll wake up in the morning, hating the world just a little less. Rob Sobhani is a fabulous, charitable good man, running for public office in the US not Lebanon, Syria or downtown Qom. NIAC and your paymasters seem to be quite very nervous.


God Bless Mr. Sobhani!


Upon his election into the United States Senate, he should introduce a new law so the authorities can go after all the anti-Israel folks in the America. And, it would be fair to confiscate their properties, put them in jail, and revoke their green cards and passports and sheep them back to where ever they came from. We don't need you!

May lord Moses bless Mr. Sobhani and good luck to him!

Shlomo for US Senate! 


Demo, thanks to you also ... his story gets stranger & stranger

by MaryamJoon on

Written by Sobhani:  

"King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: A Leader of Consequence(Caspian Publishing, 2010) is a detailed tribute to an important and influential twenty-first-century head of state. In preparing this book, Caspian Publishing’s principle, Dr. S. Rob Sobhani traveled to the kingdom multiple times, meeting with King Abdullah, his inner circle of advisers, government officials, scholars, journalists and regular Saudi citizens. The result is a volume that should be of value to those seeking to learn more about Saudi Arabia and its visionary king, as well as those who already know the subject well. The book is enhanced by photographs illustrations and inspiring verses from the Holy Quran."



by Demo on

For both of your blogs about Rob. The robbing of Iranians communities abroad out of their trusts by the known so-called Iranians public figures, like this robber, is nothing of new news. But the exploratory works such as yours are so vital to stop Rob & his alike with any further exploitation of that trust. Thanks & keep up with your good work.