Iranian & Syrian Coalition for Khamenei's Hague Trial

by Liberty

This campaign will also ally with Syrian human rights activists to compile a report based on testimonies taken from the Syrian army deserters on Islamic Republic's intervention in current bloody repression taking place in Syria. This report will also supplement Emmanuel Daoud's report (Reza Pahlavi's Lawyer) and hence increase the chance of ICC referral.


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Support Human Rights

by Rebecca on

We should support whoever is working for human rights in Iran no matter who that person. Eventhough some of us may not like Prince Reza Pahlavi, we should still support him in this endeavor.

The opposition's inaction, disunity and cynicism has kept the mollah regime in power for more than 30 years. Isn't it time to put aside our differences and act for something positive for our people?


That's true, every voice counts

by Liberty on

Emmanuel Daoud is senior lawyer of the legal team which has prepared this report. Please feel free to read more about Emmanuel Daoud as it may help to determine his competence and expertise in this specialist area of law. :)


Raising awareness about deteriorating situation of human rights in Iran which has long surpassed the threshold of Crimes Against Humanity, must never stop.



Not sure about Syrian human rights activists

by Rea on

It may not be such a good idea after all.

Had a look at the report. Will read it in full. If based on solid arguments, will translate & disseminate excerpts (across the Balkans).

Every voice counts.

PS. annexe 1, photo 1 - absolutely poignant. 


The greatest ignorance

by Liberty on

The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about. :) Having said that there is no reply to the ignorant like keeping silence. ;)

First Amendment


by First Amendment on



Such a suggestion spearheaded by a bunch of Pahlavist/Chalabists on the 28th day of the month of Mordad, seems to be more exonerating than indicting............:)

Take the retarded boy out of the picture, and we'll talk about it..........