by Liberated

Glimpse of green light in the dead of winter night.

How inspired a generation, hope of liberty, free thought.

Inspired they rose, millions silent and yet loud.

Generation of wasted youth, in chain of the cult of fools.

Sought to demolish the walls of prisons disguised as towns.

Shots were fired by their hired guns.

Mercenaries of foreign tongues.

Murder, arrests and beatings tyrant response to reason.

I see the writing on the walls.

The age of tyranny old as the stone age soon be gone.

Spring begins at winter demise.

I have seen the green leaves under the cover of ice.

Desperate tyrant will fight, Slogans he will shout.

His message fools no one. 

His battle is in vain.

Like a spring frost, may cover green leaves for a night.

But the winter has ended.

Tyrant will soon see his demise.