The Womb

The Womb
by Latina

Deep within the emptiness remains

A reminder of what was

No more to be relived

Pain is so deep

Cutting like a dagger

Aching at the emptiness within

Only sorrow does remain

Why won’t this torment

Depart from me at once

I lay so lifeless

Only darkness surrounds me

Remembering the shattered dreams

I can almost hear her laughter

Almost see her smile

Isabella truly beautiful

Taking in the newborn scent

Touching her tiny hand

I then awake to the reality of life

All that remains is the aching

Deep within my womb



  Copyright © Latina



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Farsi Translation

by Latina on

by Multiple Personality Disorder


زندگی بار دگر نتوان کرد
در اعماقِ پوچی باقی مانده است
یادآوری از آنچه بود

دردی در پوچیِ درون
فقط از اندوه میماند نشان
دردی چه بس عمیق
برشش مانند تیغ

بگذر از من این عذاب
دور گرد از من، با شتاب

بگذارم عاری از زندگی
یاد آورم رویاهای خُرد

کم و بیش میشنوم خنده او
کم و بیش میبینم لبخند او
وای!  ایزابلا چقدر زیباست!

میکشم در درون عطر نوزاد او
میکنم لمس دستِ کوچک او

به وقع زندگی میشوم بیدار
در عمق رحم
رنج است آنچه میماند بجا



زیر نگاشت: اصل شعر به زبان انگلیسی توسط لاتینا



by Latina on

Thank you! I am doing okay.

Hope that things are going well for you.

Best wishes!


Hi Natalia

by Aryana-Vaeja on

My heartfelt sympathies. I empathize with your pain. Hope you're doing well.

The artist formerly known as NUR-I-AZAL.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Yasna XXX 9



by yolanda on

Hi Natalia,

    So sorry to hear your story....... Thank you for your heartfelt poem! 



by Latina on


 kheyli motashakkeram

 solh va doosti



by Latina on

Isabella is the name, I would have given my third child. If I had been blessed with not only a third child but a little girl.

 When I was diagnosed with Scelorderma, so long ago, it took with it my chance at a third child.

The only way for me to make my wish a reality, is by a surrogate.



by yolanda on

Hi Natalia,

    Welcome back! I read your poem last night.........I think I need more background info to understand the poem.....Who is Isabella?

I found a video last is called "Healing"...but I am not sure if it is a right one for your I think I better understand your poem first!

please take care!


Multiple Personality Disorder

I like it

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

It's good.



by Latina on

I would like to thank in advance all those that read this poem. Thank you for any music and comments.

Best wishes!