On The Move


On The Move
by Latina

I finally moved into my new place this weekend. It is such a major pain to move but it was a necessary evil.  After some Uninvited Guests! had become a nuisance. Honestly! I told my siblings do I have  "Victim" stamped on my forehead. How many times must a person endure being broken into before they will leave one alone.

Well, I have found out that there have been numerous crime issues at my former apartment complex. People would go to bed only to find their rims missing the very next morning. It is absurd. Oh well! I am just glad I have finally moved.

As usual the move was comical. This time Arman was part of the comedy team. He was serious and a tough task master. If Arman did not say it was to be packed or moved then it was left alone. May I remind you that he is only 19 years old. He was the youngest on the moving project and bossed us all around.:o)

"Arman, I am moving as fast as I can. I just need to finish my text." Pretending he is not still there, I continue my text.

"You know, I can text and work at the same time. Put that phone down before, I make it disapear and get to packing." He gives me the look.

"Alright, alright! Jeez! You don't need to be so harsh. Why don't you go and bug the rest of the crew?" I give him the look. He walks away after telling me what to do.

I get back to work and the boys begin loading the U-Haul truck. Arman wants everything loaded a certain way. I go to the livingroom to check on their progress. 

I ask Julio, "Julio why are you just standing there?Why don't you take those boxes to the truck?"

"Arman wants the heaviest boxes packed first. Everytime that I pick one, it is not heavy enough for him and then tells me which to get. So, I am waiting for him to decide which ones to load."

Next thing you know Arman arrives and points to Julio which ones to take. Julio takes them to the truck. He then proceeds to tell grandma what must be done next. Finally the truck is loaded and we go to our new place. The boys unload while mom and I unpack the boxes. By the way, this time I made sure that the dolly was not left behind.

We are all exhausted and have some dinner. The boys actually fell asleep before midnight. The next day the boys get to relax. I then take Arman back home but we stop by Alicia's to relax some more. Arman has university classes the next day. It was nice to spend some time with Arman. I decided to finally give Arman the two huge mirrors he wanted. Now, he has all three huge mirrors which he will put in his exercise room for fitness purposes. We actually all teased him that he is in love with himself. LOL I was like "good grief, get over yourself." He had been bugging me for a year for all three mirrors and I had only given him one.

Yesterday, mom and I finally had the opportunity to enjoy the pool. I hope that it will be the beginning of a great new life. Today we will be headed to Galveston. It is mainly for business but will try to relax a little. It is time to be a part of the genoses project in Galveston.


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by yolanda on

Southern CA's weather is priceless and way better than Texas'....I was in Texas for 4 years....I don't miss the Texas summer.

Good luck!

Wow! You really like to collect knowledge and degrees....that is nice!



by Latina on

Thank you! After I complete this degree, I would like to do a second degree.

It would be very nice if I could do so in California.



by yolanda on

Hi! Natalia,

    By the time you need to move again, you got your advanced degree already!

Good luck with your new niche!


Thank you very much

by Latina on

So far it is going very well.


Good to hear

by Abarmard on

Sounds exciting. Hope that you be happy and prosperous in your new place.


Aye! Raton

by Latina on

What can I say? Arman is a no nonsense type of man. :o)


Congrats Natalie! Arman sounds like Chef Ramsey/Jersey Shr boys!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred