A day with the "Furry Angels" at Vafa Animal Shelter - Hashtgerd, Iran (by a visiting supporter)


A day with the "Furry Angels" at Vafa Animal Shelter - Hashtgerd, Iran (by a visiting supporter)
by kfravon


(youtube link: //youtu.be/E2lwoyuCNEc)

After spending another lovely day in Vafa shelter I wanted to share my day with all of you. Our lovely furry friends were happy and in a very good shape, even few need to watch their weight ;)

Puppies were feeling better after distemper disease, thanks to Mr. Sani who was there night and day to take care of them, almost all of them survived this life- threatening virus and were gaining their strength back.

It's a joy to see all these beautiful dogs being well taken care of. Thanks to supporters and volunteers and caring veterinarians, without you Vafa wouldn't be what it is now, but there is so much more to be done. The number of the dogs in the shelter is over 500, please help Vafa team by donating some of your time and energy or sponsoring a shelter dog. Today Vafa shelter page has 22,665 supporters each one of us with a little help can make a huge change in the life of these helpless dogs. Inside and outside of Iran it's very easy to take part in helping Vafa.

Hope for a day that no creature suffers

Morvarid Sanei

Youtube link:

بعد ازگذراندن یک روز دوست داشتنی دیگه در پناهگاه وفا ، می خواستم که این تجربه رو با شماها درمیان بگذارم .

دوستان پشمالوی ما خیلی سرحال بودن و کلا هم شرایطشون خوب بود ، تازه یه عده اشون هم فکر کنم باید به فکر اضافه وزناشون باشن .

توله ها ، بعد از رهایی از دیستمپر ، حالا حالشون بهتر شده ، ممنون آقای ثانی که برای مراقبت از اونها ، شب و روز رو در پناهگاه موندن.تقریبا همه توله ها از این بیماری ویروسی خطرناک نجات پیدا کردن و الان هم روز به روز دارن قوی تر می شن.

خیلی لذت بخشه که می بینم که این همه سگ های خوشگل ، به این خوبی دارن مراقبت می شن . از همه شما عزیزان اسپانسر ، داوطلبان و البته دامپزشکان وفا تشکر می کنم . بدون شما ، وفا نمی تونست به اینجایی که الان هست ، برسه . اما کارهای زیادی هم برای انجام دادن ، باقی مونده .

تعداد سگ های داخل پناهگاه از 500 عدد گذشته .

لطفا" به پناهگاه وفا کمک کنید ، با اختصاص دادن کمی از وقت و انرژی خودتون ، یا با تحت سرپرستی گرفتن یکی از سگها ، شما می تونید خیلی کمک کنید .

در حال حاضر ، صفحه فیس بوک وفا ، بیش از ۲۳،۰۰۰۰

عضو داره . هر کدوممون ، فقط با ذره ای کمک می تونیم تغییر عمده ای در زندگی این سگ های بی سرپرست ایجاد کنیم .

داخل یا خارج این فرقی نمی کنه ، خیلی ساده و راحت می تونیم به جمع حامیان پناهگاه وفا بپیوندیم .

به امید روزی که هیچ موجودی ، زجر نکشه .

مروارید صانعی


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how to help vafa

by kfravon on

best way to help is through family/friends in iran:



If you click on the english section of the above link we ask that you email us privately, let us know where you live and we connect you with a vafa representative who will send you info as to where to send your kind donation...or email me offline please: kfravon@yahoo.com


Thank you...every dollar helps...


Anonymous Observer

I stand corrected then

by Anonymous Observer on

I saw all those puppies and assumed that were born at the facility.  Distemper is a pretty bad disease.  I'm glad you, and the volunteers, were able to contain it.

Is there an account in the U.S. where money can be donated for the shelter? 


spay & neuter @ the shelter is a monthly event

by kfravon on

  This shelter has been up and running for 8+ years.  there would have been thousands of dogs there if we didn't spay/neuter them!   take a look at vafa animal shelter facebook page "photo albums".  we have shared many pictures during spay/neuter days.    there is not one day that goes by when we don't find puppies left outside of the shelter  people need to realize dogs are not "sardins" and we can't over crowd the shelter as it will create other issues   one of which is distemper - we BEG our supporters to take in puppies they find, make sure they get their vaccinations before they just drop them outside shelters   ku gooshe shenavaa?!  

Anonymous Observer

Excellent project

by Anonymous Observer on

But the eventual, long term success of this effort will depend on spaying and neutering.  At some point, the shelter will exceed its carrying capacity and these animals will be in danger of either losing their home or being put to sleep.  

Are there any efforts put in place for neutering and spaying? 


Much support to Vafa - Good work!

by MaryamJoon on

Vafa means "loyalty" in Persian.