The President's Message to the Iranian People

by KayvanAli
Check out President Obama's Message to the Iranian People...

Here it is on YouTube


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good words,but

by delldaar on

Do you think those mullah will listen, hostility to US, is life blood  of these bastardes. remmeber Jimmy carter!and  and all those good will talks , de javu all over again.


Dear Mr. President

by AmericanIranian (not verified) on

After Muhammad Ali (who is loved in Iran) you are the greatestest!


Barak is 10,000,000,000 times smater than W

by Happy after 8 years (not verified) on

Happy Norouz to all my Iranian brothers and sisters. I wish you the same kind of happiness and joy that I've experienced over the last 60 days or so here in the United States. Every day without hearing that idiot George Bush has been a Norouz for me and a joyful blessing for my soul. I wish this new year will bring you a new President too and the same kind of joy. By the way, I extend the same wish to my brothers and sisters in Israel.


President Shimon Peres Noruz message to Iranian

by reporter (not verified) on

Peres to Iran: Reclaim your rightful place among 'enlightened nations'

President Shimon Peres has recently issued a special message to the Iranian people, ahead of the Iranian holiday Nowruz, which symbolizes the start a new year, urging the Iranian people to reclaim their place among "enlightened nations."

"With great pleasure, I offer you this blessing on your holiday, a day of renewal that brings with it happiness and hope of a new day, of better days and a blessed new year," Peres began.

"Unfortunately, the relations between our two countries have hit a low point, stemming from ideas that compel your leaders to act in every possible way against the state of Israel and its people. But I am convinced that the day is not far off when our two nations will restore good neighborly relations and cooperation in thriving in every way," he went on to say.

"At the start of the new year," he concluded his blessing, "I urge you, the noble Iranian people, on behalf of the ancient Jewish people, to reclaim your worthy place among the nations of the enlightened world, while contributing a worthy cultural contribution."

The message, part of which was recorded in Farsi, was broadcast on Israel Radio's Farsi channel, which enjoys a wide audience in the Farsi-speaking world.

"Things in Iran are tough," said the president at the start of the address that preceded the blessing. "There is great unemployment, corruption, a lot of drugs and a general discontent? You can't feed your children enriched uranium, they need a real breakfast. It cannot be that the money is invested in enriched uranium and the children are told to remain a little hungry, a little ignorant."

"[I suggest] you don't listen to [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad, it is impossible to preserve a whole nation on incitement and hatred, the people will become tired of it," the president continued.

"I see the suffering of the children and ask myself ? why? [Iran] is such a rich country with such a rich culture, why do they allow a handful of religious fanatics take the worst possible path, both in the eyes of god and in the eyes of man?" Peres asked.

"I think that the Iranian people will topple these leaders," Peres went on to say, "these leaders who don't serve the people ? in the end the people will realize that."

The president also addressed Ahmadinejad's address at an international conference questioning the Holocaust in 2006, saying "since when is he an expert on the Holocaust of the Jews? Was he in Auschwitz? What does he know? Every day he speaks and speaks? They are destroying their people, but they won't destroy us so fast. We've heard, over the 4,000 years of our existence, many speeches, many anti-Semites, many people who wanted to destroy us - we survived and they didn't."



Start of

by Nikkhah Hossein (not verified) on

Start of Ending of Dictatorial, Facistical and Undemocratic Islamic Repuplic Iran.




by Proud Iranian American (not verified) on

Why am I so happy to hear this?!!


The best gift of Nowruz...Respect and Friendship

by Pirooz Vah Khorsand (not verified) on

Now this is a President we can be hopeful with and proud of!

Eideh Omadeh Eide Omadeh!

Maryam Hojjat

Happy NOWRUZ to you President & Americans

by Maryam Hojjat on

I wish you a year with creation of peace & freedom for all the world.