Political Cartoon: You’re Not my Brother, You’ re not my sister….

Political Cartoon: You’re Not my Brother, You’ re not my sister….
by KavehAhangarAdel

My two cents worth: Religion and politics don't mix. Period.

Politicians serve their people not the other way around....


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I appreciate all the comments.....

by KavehAhangarAdel on

@Bavafa:  I believe my sarcasm does not show through in my words ;) IF we hold the Politicians' feet to the fire maybe we get what we want collectively. :) thank you again for your support!

@Divaneh: You have great eyes.  There is never anything incidental :)  Really appreciate your insights. thank you. "Gaveh noh man Shir" would have some effect on the clear blue sea! :)

@No fear: What I like about Art is that each and everyone will have their own interpretations and takes. I appreciate your take and view on my caricature. I believe ALL fish(with or without fins, of all color or without) have the right to be regarded equally in the sea and CHOOSE to use their intellect. Incidentally some Fish(ichthus) in the sea create sympathy and support for their cause, however unjust and misguided. 

Very interseting takes and interpretations. thank you all for weighing in. 

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گاو نه من شیر


جناب بی باک، الحق که معنای جدیدی به "گاو نه من شیر" داده اید.

No Fear

I think ..

by No Fear on

The colorful fishes on the left are the odd ones since each have different colors and each have their fins placed in different locations on their bodies.

But they have eyes. This could be our intellectuals with different ideologies.

Then the other fishes are all the same ( in color and shape ) , like the masses of people, but they are blind.

There is a wall that seperates these two, naturally. But this wall must be crossed by the politicians , not the masses.

Intellectuals are responsible to cross borders and reduce the gap between them and people. Its not the other way around. You can not expect people to grow up and become " intellectual".

I do not agree with this outlook.



No eyes

by divaneh on

Another excellent cartoon Kaveh Jaan. I can see that the big headed politician and his brothers and sisters have no eyes. Is that incidental or does it portray the damaging effects of religion on vision.


"Politicians serve their people not the other way around...."

by Bavafa on

In theory, that might be true but as we have seen in both recent and/or old times, politician have hardly ever served their people, only themselves which brings them much closer to religious leaders.

Thanks for the cartoon, as always I enjoy your work.