Political Cartoon: “Nonmacher BBQ Non Sequitur On Bigotry”

Political Cartoon: “Nonmacher BBQ Non Sequitur On Bigotry”
by KavehAhangarAdel

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At first I was angry at the photo of cowboys posing next to a
hung”Iranian”. This had been in Mr. Nonmacher’s Barbeque restaurant in
Katy, Texas since the hostage crisis in 1980. Why then all of a sudden,
is it getting so much press?

And why did I feel compelled to draw a cartoon about it?

I offered him a humanistic challenge,  Read it on my Originally Posted blog: 

Political Cartoon: “Nonmacher BBQ Non Sequitur On Bigotry” 2011 by Iranian American Cartoonist and Artist Kaveh Adel


Artwork 2011©KavehAdel.com

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Jahanshah Javid, thanks and

by KavehAhangarAdel on

I'd really like to get my message to this Restaurant owner so he knows that there are Iranians out there who would like to have dialogue with him and maybe even help him better his business as well! That's why I wrote my challenge to him. Hopefully, he'll hear and act on my challenge.

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Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Right on Kaveh!

Mohammad Ala

Good one.

by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks.  Good one.