Political Cartoon: Mirror, Mirror, Next to the Wall.....

Political Cartoon: Mirror, Mirror, Next to the Wall.....
by KavehAhangarAdel

Mirror, Mirror next to the wall, Who loves his people best of ALL?

Truth is seen regardless of how one tries to paint a different picture.

History is written and remembered  in truth not in movies….. no matter how many different versions are made.

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Fesenjoon, thank you...

by KavehAhangarAdel on

for your response.  I always appreciate how many different perspectives and intrepretations are derived from something we see. 

As an Artist, when one is hit with inspiration sometimes rationality is thrown out of the window, in manner of speaking.  But, I do see your points and really find your perspective engaging and that is what I always try to do.  Leave it to the interpretation of the viewer and to raise questions and hopefully find some answers. With that in mind:

The perspective is key, isn't it? Who is admiring who? Is mirror really a mirror? what is actually reality and what is delusion? Who buys the reality or is fed that delusion? is anyone allowed to even see or speak about it? or does that "anyone" already know what is real and what is manufactured delusion? 

I think you have answered many of these in your analysis and I may have opened it to more discussion.  In either case, I really appreciate your input.

Kheili moteshakkeram. 

Message is simple: Believe



one small comment

by Fesenjoon on

First, khasteh nabaashi. Keep up the excellent work. eival.

On a side note:

If it were me, I would also separate the shadow from the mirror thingy. They could be 2 separate cartoons.

More importantly, I would aruge that the patting should be outside the mirror, and the killing should be drawn inside the mirror. U see, the mirror is supposed to show u what really is going on. The clerical black scary veiled character seems good and kind to everyone, and professes to love them. But the mirror sees his true character, and shows him how merciless and savage he is. The mirror shows u your true self. So it should be the reverse.

But then again, Im not so sure either. Maybe what u meant to say was that the mirror is so afraid and chaploos, that he does tareef and tamjeed of the black veiled character, despite knowing and seeing the open truth.

Anyway. thumbs up.


1 Hamvatan, thank you

by KavehAhangarAdel on

My wish that it touches people and if someone sees something that strikes a chord of humanity, then I am happy despite the subject being so hard to accept.

you are very kind.

Message is simple: Believe


1 hamvatan

Sends Clear messages

by 1 hamvatan on

I am making sure everyone sees your work in FriendFeed, Balatrin, etc, these speaks of people minds, The are great and original. Bless You.




پاینده باد ایران


Thank you for your comments....

by KavehAhangarAdel on

Mr. Javid, I appreciate your insights. 

Mr. Siletz, I have many of my works already posted here on iranian.com on My blog here but not in the Cartoons section yet :) I agree that this cartoon would have worked as two separate parts.  Thanks again for your suggestion and honest impression.


Message is simple: Believe


Ari Siletz

This is a brilliant cartoon!

by Ari Siletz on

Actually, two cartoons in one drawing (the mirror and the shadow). I would have been harder struck if the ideas were presented separately. Please submit more of your works.

Jahanshah Javid

Creative & Original

by Jahanshah Javid on

Very well done. Excellent.