Haft Seen Minus One

Haft Seen Minus One
by KavehAhangarAdel

"Haft Seen minus One" With Norouz (new day) which is the Persian New year celebration upon us, I have a heavy heart as I feel for those who are in prison or those who have lost their lives to claim their freedom.  For my Non-Persian friends and family: we have a tradition for Norouz and it involves having 7 (Haft) items that start with the letter S (Seen) and each item is significant of spring and rebirth.  One of those items is Sabzeh (green sprouts of wheat, barley or lentil) but this year the 7 Seens are 7 minus one. 

Kaveh Ahangar Adel

Drawing copyright ©Kaveh Ahangar Adel 2010

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