Drawing: Refuge Into a larger Prison= Freedom!

Drawing: Refuge Into a larger Prison= Freedom!
by KavehAhangarAdel

Approaching the first anniversary of the massacres in Iran during the elections of 2009 and ever growing atrocities committed on political prisoner I am saddened. A great friend, again, Hossein Khandan said a wonderful line (crudely translated by me) : "Sometimes, refuge into a larger prison is called Freedom."

In Persian:

گاه پناه بردن به زندانی
بزرگ را «آزادی» می نامیم


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to free 7

by nazaket on

all these 7 people are in prison.I demand their freedom.They keep in bad condition. no lights, no food.I ignore such government like Iran if they cant find their guilt and still keep them.Freedom all these people.they are peaceful people.


I appreciate

by KavehAhangarAdel on

all points of view. I merely acknowledge the feedback (also give credit and thanks to what and who inspired it) not necessarily interpret or analyze :) So I appreciate and thank you i_support_khamenie for your comments and I hope you have your own take on what you see just as profile.">Escape so eloquently has illustrated with words! 

thank you. 

Kaveh Ahangar Adel

Message is simple: Believe




I see the wall as huge yet

by Escape on

I see the wall as huge yet with the light shining thru,it is not complete.There is a way out but the way is very small and in the corner blocked by a hurdle.I see the man raising his hands as both two signs,a sign of encouragment to get out and a sign of submission to a dominant captor.I see the color black and white as vague and desperate and represents very well the situation...

'don't get me wrong,don't get me right.I'm not like you are.'


First time I see a cartoonist interpret their cartoon

by i_support_khamenie on

Maybe you should also provide an analysis of the cartoon in case some miss the point.


Azadeh, thank you...

by KavehAhangarAdel on

for paying attention and acknowledging the truth that is universal (not just in our beloved Iran) but also in any country or land where people are oppressed everyday.I have to thank Hossein Khandan for the inspirational quote :)

Kaveh Ahangar Adel

Message is simple: Believe



Azadeh Azad

Thank you for this drawing, dear Kaveh

by Azadeh Azad on

Yes, people in Iran call our country "The Large Prison!"

Very sad!