Drawing: Another Choice Created

Drawing: Another Choice Created
by KavehAhangarAdel

In our infinite wisdom, in our ability to create things, in our potential to have the power to do things we need power of imagination to create alternatives for ourselves so we are not limited by black or white, red or green.  We are all EQUAL in ability and are FREE to make choices.  In many societies those to words are a luxury within the confines of that society but within one's mind those two words  soar like butterflies. our bodies may be tired and beaten by history but our minds are more determined and powerful than ever!


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Our people

by KavehAhangarAdel on

have throughout history been "conquered" by the Greeks, Mongols, Arabs but never lost their will to return stronger.  30 years in our long history will pass as well.  The Answer to your rightful frustration, Maziar,  is :  OUR YOUTH. Those who are in the prisons, those who wrote  letters and continue to write and fight while in prison, those who lost their lives for that ideal because they realized that the choices of red or green were not really choices... they want something else but they have to take that tired step on unstable grounds but they are already thinking about what they will accomplish in the future.  I may be an old man by then but maybe my sons will get to see the results of their sacrifices. 


Kaveh Ahangar Adel

Message is simple: Believe



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SO PLEASE  give us your created choice.

thank you.               Maziar