Cartoon: “Fit in or else”

Cartoon: “Fit in or else”
by KavehAhangarAdel

Titled "Fit in or Else"

Open to interpretation. in Art there are no wrong answers, just creativity.


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Majid, thank you..

by KavehAhangarAdel on

for your interpretation and the poetic take on the drawing.  We tend to look at a lot of things in a lifetime but we seldom actually see the meaning of what we are looking at it. My favorite part of your interpretation is " Gerdbaad ra be Tamaskhor Migirad" and Yes, we are a resilient people, indeed.

KingReza, I appreciate your comment as Art is purely subjective, and no absolute right or wrong, only points of view.  thanks again.


Message is simple: Believe




by Majid on



نکتهء جالبی رو در متن یک ویدیوی یو تیوب راجع به ایران شنیدم (از زبان یک غیر ایرانی) که «این قوم در مقابل طوفان حوادث تاریخ سر خم کرده، حتّی به زمین سائیده شده ولی مثل سرو دوباره قامت راست کرده»!

کم ندیدم که گرد بادی بلوط کهنسال را ریشه کن میکند ولی عشقهء ظریف«پیچک» می پاید و گردباد را به تمسخر میگیرد!



by KingReza on

This is not as clever as it tries to be.