Cartoon “Bullfish’s Peaceful Nowrouz Wish 1391″


Cartoon “Bullfish’s Peaceful Nowrouz Wish 1391″
by KavehAhangarAdel

As a child I used to watch the egg incessantly so I would catch a
glimpse of this mythologic phenomenon but I was always distracted and
sadenned by the imprisoned gold fish in the water.

Today, I wish for a peaceful
day.  A new beginning where no one is imprisoned, no one speaks of war
and more importantly, we all stop and for once understand one another,
even if it means figuratively.  It’s a great place to start.

This new year is the year 1391 and as we say in Farsi(Persian):  “Eideh Nowrouz-eh Shoma Mobarak!”  ‘ عید نوروزِ شما مبارک!’

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Cartoon “Bullfish’s Peaceful Nowrouz Wish 1391″


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