Which Iranian-American Organization Do You Support


Which Iranian-American Organization Do You Support
by Kabriat

In my most recent blog posts I have expressed my criticisms of PAAIA, an organization which claims to represent Iranian-Americans, as being ineffective and self-serving. The question is, which organization do you support? Which do you think has made the biggest difference for Iranian-Americans? Here are my thoughts on the top 10, I welcome yours:

1. University student groups: I'm not going to single any one of them
out. All of them play a vital role in developing cultural and political
awareness for our community and help integrating new immigrants into the
fold. They host some of the most important educational programs and
are the catalyst for relationships which bring us together.

2. PARSA Community Foundation: The now defunct commuity foundation. Between 2010 and 2011 they donated over $6.5 million to support events and community organizations which provided services to Iranian-Americans.

3. Iranian Alliances Across Borders: An organization of Iranian-American youth who hold international conferences on the Iranian Diaspora and annual camps to educate the Iranian-American youth about their culture and heritage. Look at their website. They are our future leaders.

4. National Iranian American Council: Love them or hate them, they actually make a difference. NIAC's President, Trita Parsi, is possibly one of the most influential Iranian-Americans on Capitol Hill.

5. Iranian Scholarship Foundation: Providing scholarships to help Iranian students in the U.S. pay for their education since 2000. Make an unbelievable difference in the lives of our youth. Read their alumni stories.

6. Network of Iranian-American Professionals of Orange County (NIPOC): The enormity of what they produce is unbelievable. They host one of the largest Iranian-American cultural celebrations in their annual Mehregan event along with numerous educational programs every month. It's an organization of pure volunteers. There's no ego in this organization or their leaders.

7. Pars Equality Center: A relatively new organization compared to others. Still, they provide legal and social services to people in need. They make an actual, tangible difference in lives.

8. Relief International: They should perhaps be higher, but I decided against it since their contributions are mostly external and not internal to the community. That being said, RI is one of the best relief-aid organizations in the country. Following the disastrous Bam earthquake, they were on the ground providing dire medical and humanitarian relief. Take a look at what they do, its impressive.

9. Iranian American Medical Association: Provide free services and advice. And money for scholarships. Set up a clinic in Bam and have an amazing annual educational event.

10. Shabeh Jomeh: I hesitated to list this one because in many sense its just a social club that fails to provide anything directly improtant to the community. They host social hours once a month at different clubs or bars. Not culturally oriented, but for many in our community, Shabeh Jomeh was their way of meeting others and developing genuine ties for our community.


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a little known fact

by fortheloveoflife on

Did you know that Golestan Kids, in Berkeley CA, is not only a school but a non-profit that helps communities build language immersion schools, pro bono.  They also provide free help to anyone looking for guidance on how to raise a bilingual child (not just Iranians). They will be producing teaching materials (audiobook in progress) for the general public as well.  www.golestankids.com


PARS, Relief International, Shabeh Jomeh

by bahmani on

PARS because they take care of an actual real need.

Relief International, because they serve everyone, not just Iranians.

Shabeh Jomeh, because they admit that socializing and having a good time, actually has a place in our lives.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //brucebahmani.blogspot.com/


MM, don't mind the troll.

by Albaloo on

MM, don't mind the troll. khandeh-dareh that he calls you Ali and calls me dokhatre sahra.  I think he is just lonely and seeking some attentions. I feel sorry for him so I do not mind to be called dokhtareh sahra. That is a sassy name. 



Arash Kamangir

I support any organisation that stands to IR

by Arash Kamangir on

I support any organisation that stands to IR and has the guts to say death to Shia cult, freedom for Iran and long live Iran. I also fully support Israel as it is a country that maintains democracy while surrounded by tyranic countries.


Top 10

by Kabriat on

I only listed my top 10.  If you think you have a different top 10, please note it.

hamsade ghadimi

jack ali jan, it was fun

by hamsade ghadimi on

jack ali jan, it was fun going back and forth with you.  you've got to stop doing that.  it's not good for your blood pressure; not to mention it leads to premature baldness.  you should also be mindful not to respond to someone who calls you ali even if he's your friend! 

btw, where is my vote? :D


U can call me Jack 2, since U don't know jack!

by MM on


hamsade ghadimi

i've got the whole niac

by hamsade ghadimi on

i've got the whole niac internet response team (even the alter ego of dokhtare sahra) on my back. :)

mm jan, you don't mind your niaci friends calling you ali.  why do you get so hot and bothered when i call you by your name:

"... I worked on the FIRST campaign to save them Ali, so don't quote me NIAC PR and try and make it sound as if NIAC spearheaded the effort...."

and you've given enough information about yourself to reveal your identity.  at any rate, i just wanted to know how much it takes....you know... for someone to be loyal.

i take it that niac is as transparent as you.



by Fesenjoon2 on

IAMA. Definitely.



Mehrdad / azarbanoo

by MM on

Thanks.  I usually do not get into back and forth useless arguments, but I was just curious how he would answer my question after my reply.  And, mind you, (s)he acted very predictable deflecting my question with another question. 


MM jan, his/her hallucination is not limited to you….

by Bavafa on

And I wouldn’t waste any of my time if I were you as NIACiers much like Birthiers have a one track mind.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



HG - what part of NO don't you understand, and who is Ali?

by MM on

Sorry, but no gotta moment for you, today! 


hamseda are you on drug ?

by Albaloo on

You seem to be very disoriented.  

hamsade ghadimi

well ali joon, are you sure

by hamsade ghadimi on

well ali joon, are you sure you didn't get any funding from parsa through your work with niac?


I support Iranians for Israeli Expansion Organization!


This organization operates out of Bethesda, Maryland headed by Rabbis Shlomo Israel and Shlemel Zionkraut! This organization is for taking hard stance against the IRR even use of military force.

This organization advocates for expansion of Israel to be twice its current size before 2020. This means annexation of Lebanon and Syria!

Dr. Love, Ph.D., M.D., J.D., Member of Iranians for Israeli Expansion Association.



by MM on

And those are Os and not zeros like in some folk's salaries/funds/handouts or whatever else you call it.  BTW, have you asked that question from the rest of the 24/7 armchair e-generals here on IC?

hamsade ghadimi

mm, i totally understand

by hamsade ghadimi on

mm, i totally understand that you don't want to respond to the question "have you ever received any funding from the organizations mentioned in the blog?" :)



by MM on

Hmmmmmm!  Not a bad idea!  Then, I would not have to work my butt off in two jobs and I could spend 24/7 on Iranian.com commenting / blogging and having fun with impunity.

hamsade ghadimi

mm, if you're referring to

by hamsade ghadimi on

mm, if you're referring to i.a.b.a., it's the same as pars equality center or niac or ....

btw, have you ever received any funding from any of the orgs mentioned in the blog?


i support my good iranian friend mohsen

by mousa67 on

who is proud of being an iranian-american. is happy to be living in USA, the best place to live in the world. loves his birth palce iran, yet hates the terrorist shia islamist rulers who kill iranians & would love to kill americans, except dont have the balls to do so & instead pay west residing imbeciles to moan & bitch on internet 24/7 about how bad america & israel are.

above all, mohsen does not support any organisations who lobby on behalf of the terrorist islamist republic.

hamsade ghadimi

which ones were created by

by hamsade ghadimi on

which ones were created by niac (or by niac's benefactors) or are considered brother/sister org. of niac?  

next please make your selection for the iranian-american* of the year: your choices are 1) trita parsi, 2) parsi, trita, 3) dr. trital parsi, 4) trita parsi, ph.d.

* u.s. citizenship is not required to be considered american


Oon Yaroo

by Faramarz on

Now I know where I have met you!

Oon Yaroo


by Oon Yaroo on

You forgot to mention that you support the Iranian owned gentleman's club in Anaheim, Orange county, CA!? Are you not a member for life of that club? The one that is right off of High Way 91!



by MM on

I do not know if you intentially left out some of the professional groups such as the iranian american lawyers association, which by the way, initially provided  valuable pro bono work when we were trying to save the persepolis tablets!

I also agree that TP is the most influential (loveithateit) Iranian-american on the Capitol hill.  I do support the majority of niac's actions, and when i disagree with them, i write and let them know and they always write me back on why they have a particulAr policy.  What folks here do  not realize is that we do have choices in the US.  I can think of at least 3 Iranian organizations (including iri) where criticism of the leaders equals severe punishment and/or else.  However, I would have preferred that you aimed your complaints about paaia in a more positive constructive criticism.  We are not many here in the US, according to the last census, and we need each other.


The Iranian-American Organizations that I Support

by Faramarz on



I support the Iranian-American organizations and businesses that have proven to be worthy of my trust.

I support Iranian.com because I have spent the past several years putting them through the rigorous test and they have not let me down.

I support KIRN740AM radio in LA where I listen to them regularly on the internet. Sassan Kamali and Dr. Holakouee are the best in the business.

I support my Iranian mechanic down the street who fixes my car without me telling him what needs to be done.

I support my local Iranian restaurant where I go regularly and the couple that run the place always give me extra stuff like Tahdig and Khoresht.

I support Wholesome Choice Market in Irvine where I stop on my way to southern California and buy basil for 49 cents and great freshly-baked bread.

I support the Chelokababies and sandwich shops in Westwood where I stop and have a great time on my way back and forth to northern and southern CA.



Some believe MEK is an Iranian American organization….

by Bavafa on

Since it has M+M Rajavis as their leader and claim to be Iranian and Ameican  supporters/followers such as Rudy Giuliani, Jon Bolton and Tom Ridge, therefore it make it an Iranian-American organization.

I, however, believe they are a cult and function as a business in the service industry, guns for hire.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Banafsheh khanum,

by Albaloo on

The question was " 

Which Iranian-American Organization Do You Support?" 

Please note that MEK is not an Iranian-American organization.   

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Self-centeredness and

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Self-centeredness and self-promotions should not come as a shock to anyone within our heritage group? Organizations within our diaspora, civic or political, have rarely been anything but vehicles for individuals to self-launch and self-promote.

Whether it is PAAIA, NIAC, MEK, the Foundation for “this,” or

Professional Society for “that,” they are all without exception "false beards" promoting interests of the p-e-r-s-o-n or people behind them.

After all, they put all the time and (in the case of PAAIA + certain humanitarian foundations) money, so why no cash in on the glory?  No matter how 'tasteless?!'  

Calling it 'shameful' or 'less than honorable' because of our fall pretense and less than genuine assumption of altruism as the basis of such efforts is the real issues.

Like it or not it will be a while, a generation or more, before we

embrace and put to practice true altruism.

For now, lets take it for face value and for what it is.  Our ‘community leaders’ (organizational or individual) do things exclusively to take individual and personal credit, sometimes ill-motivated, but quite often quite harmless.  

It is when a person or persons hide behind faux fronts, promoting

dubious agenda’s outside our collective interests that we must come together and whack (I mean whack) them into shame.  

Self-glorification in itself is not a bad thing. It is afterall, life in the Persian neighborhood.  So when deciding the 'best organization of your choice,' keep in mind at some point you may get dissapointed that there may be individuals seeking self-glory through such vehicles.  Tell youself, it is ok and part of it, as long as they are not ill-motivated or mozdoors with alterior motives.

 (If you must respond, be kind and gentle.)