A Rumor from Mashed... Is it true?

K Nassery
by K Nassery

My husband just spoke to his older sister in Meshad.  She said that Meshad is quiet.  Howverer, she said that there are rumors that the clerics brought trained Hezbollah from Lebanon to control the protestors in Tehran.  Surely, this is a false rumor.  They wouldn't do such a thing.

 My sister in law is very level headed all of the time.  For her to tell us this was shocking.

 Is this a false rumor?


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They've been doing it for years

by Marg bar Khamenei (not verified) on

During the disturbances 10 years ago at Tehran university they brought in their own Arab security people to put down the students then. They did it again in 2003 as well.

They have done this over and over again because they cannot trust their own Iranian security people to follow orders and clamp down against fellow Iranians.

This is not a rumor this is fact.


despicable IRI

by sh (not verified) on

Last night, in an Iranian gathering, there was same kind of remarks. Few people have talked to their relative in Tehran. It seems a part of basigi is now trained people from Lebanon.

How awful and disturbing - it is payback time for all the money this despicable IRI spent in Lebanon and Hezbollah, to use them against the will of IRANIAN PEOPLE in their own land in current crisis.

Jahanshah Rashidian

This "rumour" has now

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

This "rumour" has now reached out to the people nationwide.


According to Robert Fisk, they are not Arabs but Baluchi people

by Souri on

K Nassery

i googled the topic and found others had heard the rumor.

by K Nassery on


 I just can't believe that the Supreme Leader would be so stupid.  You can't bring Lebanese into Iran to harm Iranians.  It would be crazy to do this.