The Emergence of The Islamic Union (IU)


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A Call To An Islamic Union - Harun Yahya

The Islamic world covers a huge geographic area populated by 1.2 billion Muslims. Unfortunately, it is characterized by tension, conflict, and disorder, all of which continue to threaten global peace and prosperity. All attempts to solve the region's problems have so far failed. But a review of its history shows that a strong central authority, ruling according to the Qur'anic morality and tolerance, as well as respecting all people's rights and belief systems, had enabled this vast region to live in peace. The Ottoman Empire was the most recent example of this. And now, it is time to bring about a new Islamic Union, for the current system, based upon nationalism, materialistic philosophies, and atheism can only worsen the current situation. Such an Islamic Union would enable the Muslim world to live in peace, both internally and externally, and allow the entire world to benefit from its vast natural resources.
One of the first things we notice when analyzing the state of the Islamic world is its many internal divisions due to deep-rooted distrust and disputes. Recent history has seen the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq's occupation of Kuwait, and East Pakistan's (Bangladesh) war of independence from West Pakistan. The civil wars and internal conflicts in Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq and Algeria due to political and ethnic differences made it obvious that something is wrong with the Islamic world. In addition, very divergent religious views and models are being practiced in the Islamic world, because there is no central authority to determine what is and what is not compatible with Islam, establish consensus, and provide guidance to the general public. Catholics have the Vatican and Orthodox Christians have the Patriarchate, but there is no religious unity or central authority for Muslims.
However, solidarity is central to Islam's character. After the death of our Prophet Mohammed (may God bless him and grant him peace), the Islamic world was for a long time led by the institution of khilafah, which provided religious guidance to the Muslims. 

In our day, too, a progressive central authority could be formed. Establishing an Islamic Union and a central Islamic authority, based on democratic principles and the rule of law, would be major steps forward in resolving the Islamic world's current problems.  


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 The Islamic Union will certainly have a leader. In your personal opinion, can Turkey lead the Islamic Union?

ADNAN OKTAR: Believe me, trust me, I am in touch with all the Turkic states and all Islamic states. They all, without exception, want Turkey to be the leader. Not one says it will not agree. Because Turkey is the natural leader. It is the natural leader that has come down since Ottoman times. And it is here that people best live by Islam, where there is the most democratic and rational Muslim population, free of any extremist or fanatical ideas. The ideal conception of Islam, and the structure with which to describe that to the world, is in Turkey. 

 What do the Saudis say about Turkey’s leadership of the Islamic world?

ADNAN OKTAR: Saudi Arabia’s hands are tied. It will either agree or else be ruined, because blood is flowing in streams in Palestine. Blood is also flowing in Israel. They have retreated behind their walls and are living under very difficult conditions and with the fear of death every single day. I also speak with them. The martyring of 100-200 people every day in Afghanistan is something most unremarkable. Hundreds, thousands of people are martyred in Iraq, and this all looks very unremarkable. This is something very much in Saudi Arabia’s favor. For one thing, hatred toward Wahabbists will disappear. They will live in peace. They will easily open up to the outside world. They will be under a wonderful military, social and political umbrella. This will be great for them, great for their future. 

REPORTER: Let us assume that Saudi Arabia did oppose Turkey’s leadership of Islam. Would the other Arab countries then cold-shoulder Saudi Arabia?

 People see the truth in such matters. Common sense will rule the day. Common sense will also rule the day in Saudi Arabia. Nobody can withstand psychological pressure from the whole Islamic world. And neither can Saudi Arabia. People will ask why they reject this union.

This is why I asked; Gaddafi has made some statements about Islamic Union that have attracted world criticism from time to time but that at heart are actually very true. Because he claims that only when Islamic Union is constructed as a whole can it survive. He always wrote this in his Green Book. I am asking because for years there has always been opposition to Saudi leadership. I wonder whether they will accept it now that Turkey advocates such an Islamic Union or other Arab countries sign up to it. 

But Israel was excluded in Gaddafi’s model. Armenia was excluded. Orthodox Christians were excluded. In this system, however, they are all embraced and protected. This is an extraordinary change of direction. The other model had a fanatical structure, and that is very dangerous.


ADNAN OKTAR: My main aim in life is to earn Allah’s approval, and that is all. We have to do this for Allah’s approval. Allah tells us to make jihad. In other words to exert ourselves, to struggle.  He tells us to strive to spread His religion, to bring Islam to rule the world. We have an obligation to do this until corruption disappears from the world, until the faith reaches everywhere. And I am exerting myself in this way. I strive with all my might. But I am careful of a number of things in so doing. We have to be sincere. That is a religious obligation. I try to be as honest as I possibly can. I strive to be courageous, determined, not to fly in the face of suffering and difficulties, and to grow in love, affection, compassion and dialogue, to live by the excellent moral values referred to in the Qur’an, in other words. But in striving in this way, Allah has given us intelligence and means. For example, Allah shows us how the Turkish-Islamic Union will provide well-being, wealth and strength. And unity and unison is in any case a requirement of Qur’anic moral values. We Turks are of the same race as our Muslim brothers, we share the same blood, the same faith and the same everything. It is unbelievable that we should be divided, it is astonishing and utterly illogical. They have taken the grandfather of a family and out him somewhere, and put one son in one place and another son somewhere else again, and put them all in solitary confinement. They have told them to live like that. Is that in any way acceptable? The family must be reunited at once. These walls must be torn down straight away and the family brought back together. We are one family. The Turkish nation is one family. The Islamic world is one family. That family must live as one.



(September 23-2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: The Turkish-Islamic Union will be a glorious one, stretching from Cyprus to China, and including Bosnia, Kazakhstan in Russia, Morocco, Tunisia and even Kenya. It means the salvation of the world, the salvation of America, Russia and China. It is a splendid system that will bring peace to the whole world. And it is non-Muslims who will benefit most from it. The Armenians, Cypriots and Jews. It means salvation for Israel. It means the demolition of those walls in Israel and an easing of the situation. It means Israel attaining freedom. It means an end to terror and violence. It means prosperity and abundance for Armenia. They are all bunched up together in Armenia. Squeezed in and contracted. It means relaxation for them and good for the whole region.

(December 15-2008)

ADNAN OKTAR: In other words, there is no question of any country being ruined or excluded in the Turkish-Islamic Union. It is a system that embraces and liberates everyone and everything. It will be a system that puts right errors, beautifies what is ugly and eliminates ugliness. It will be constructive rather than destructive. The Turkish-Islamic Union will be founded on organization and correction. That is why it is a system everyone will accept in complete security.

(February 14-2009)

ADNAN OKTAR: Turkish nationalism means espousing Turkish-Islamic Union. Turkish means Muslim, and Muslim means Turkish. In other words, Turkishness and Islam are an inseparable whole. Turkishness acquires meaning through Islam.




ADNAN OKTAR: For the first time the historical and social conditions for the establishment of Turkish-Islamic Union have become so perfect. As you know until recently, The Turkish states were under communist invasion. They have been saved from the communist yoke.

But those Turkish countries are culturally well developed. Meanwhile they have been industrialized. Allah granted them this opportunity. Their being kept distant to Islam has greatly increased their longing to Islam. It also increased their love towards Islam. Right now, the social structure has become extremely suitable for this. But more importantly, the destiny is so. The destiny shows that the union will occur after the year 1400 (Islamic calendar). That is also what we understand from the accounts, the explanations of of our Prophet Muhammad (as). Based on the information given in the hadiths, it is understood that this predominance of Islam will only occur in the following years of this century. This also seems so in terms of the stream of history.

Turkish-Islamic Union will definitely happen. If European Union, Russian union and Chinese union are possible, which are artificial unions by the way. They have different religions, different beliefs and different races. All their features are different but stillthey can establish their unions. And then they ask how can the Turkish-Islamic Union happen? Well, Is that a question now? Those who have different religions, languages, and races can unite but how can those having the same religions, languages, races and customs not unite? Is that an issue? This is a question dissimilar to a question. Of course they will unite. Allah forbid, if you separate the Turkish cities Istanbul, Konya and Erzurum from one another, and then ask how this union will be? Is this possible? We will ask if a contrary situation is possible. The contrary is abnormal. Of course they will unite. First, Azerbaijan and Turkey will unite. It means that the gate will be opened up first. I mean, a corridor 25- 30 km in width will unite them. Then, it seems that Syria will unite. And then Iraq, and by Allah’s leave it will proceed successively. . For example, the President of Iran, Mr. Ahmadinezhad prayed behind a Sunni Imam. This is very important. I have been explaining this in my interviews for months. A Shi'a can pray behind Sunni Imam. A Sunni can also pray behind a Shi'a Imam. Let us remove the separation between Sunni, Shi'a, Alawite, and Bektashi. Let us remove the separation of Wahabbites. We are all brothers. They are all respectively devoted believers, they are all taqwa. But, everyone likes his or her own school. For example, I am a Sunni. And the others can be a Shi'a, Alawite, or Bektashi. That is enough as long as everyone is sincere in his or her belief. Moreover, Mr. Ahmadinejad indicated that as a message to his country. That was so crucial. In addition to that the message was sent in an Ottoman mosque.  In a mosque inherited from the Ottomans. This is also one of the major signs of the Turkish- Islamic Union’s coming true. Well, some people were asking how can the Shi'a can unite with Sunnis. Here they have received their answer. At the same place, the Prime Minister of Turkey and the President of Iran were there. And this happened. There are some recent developments such as the railroad project in the East. This is so essential. It is one of the foundations of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Caucasian Unity Project is also one of the foundations of the Turkish-Islamic Union. But, they all happen so fast. For example, recently there was another Congress about the Turkish Union. Meetings have been held one after another. Successive meetings have been held about the Turkish-Islamic Union. It shows us that we are so close Insha’Allah.



ADNAN OKTAR: Be Alawites or Sunnis, leftists or rightists, we are all brothers. Our country is superbly beautiful. Everywhere is very beautiful. Our people are the most ideal people in the world. We are, insha’Allah, the pioneers of Great Turkey, the Turkish Islamıc Unıon. Very beautiful days are awaiting us. No one should expect an internal conflıct from us. From now on they wıll see only unity and togetherness from us. I congratulate everyone who engages in such activities. I think the governments’ activities in this respect are succesfull insha’Allah. Insha’Allah very good results will be achieved. We love our Alawite brothers like ourselves. Ther are our lions, masha'Allah. 


Ottoman vs. Safavid

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Most likely, history will repeat itself and the Gunpowder wielding Ottomans will defeat the Spear wielding Safavids in the race to become the Germany of the IU.  People like you will be the cause of Iran being #2 vs. Turkey which will be #1 and the head of the Islamic Union.  


Great Idea

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Hopefully, you're not advocating iran as the central islamic authority!! Besides, Iranians are infidels themseleves in the eyes of the rest of the majority of muslims who are sunnis.

I suggest this:

Islam takes its filthy paws off Iran,  all the criminal mullahs and their thugs are tried in an international court, those found guilty of atrocities against iran and her people are properly and swiftly punished, Iran becomes a true democracy....

Oh, yeah, I almost can then have your islamic central eutopic command....FAR AWAY from Iran! By the way, while you're talking how great Islam is, you should keep talking how peaceful it is too...don't ya think??