shares responsibility for allowing people spew hatred.

by Javadagha

If someone spews hate or destruction against Israel or the USA, he or she would be called a terrorist. People such as Fred, on daily basis, some days several times spew hatred and advocate destruction of Iran.  Fred's destructive acts are based on articles published in shoddy places such as Washington Post. shares responsibility for allowing people spew hatred.


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Javadagha, it is alarming, but not the site's fault

by Q on

I wish Javid would adopt a policy against genocide be it targeting Iran, Israel or Timbuktu.

It is easy to tell a direct advocacy of genocide. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell an indirect one. That is difficult to judge and takes resources to validate, and could squash innocent people's rights.

It also means professional propagandists such as FredCo will get away with it, given their 24/7 presence and use of well established propaganda techniques, i.e.

* use simple ideas with easy to recall slogan using unique words: "Airtight sanctions", "Rapist Republic", "Haji Nuke", etc.

* repetition, repetition, repetition: just see Fred's clock-work like diligence.

multiple featured blogs a day, every single day, identical message. Please click on that link and ask yourselves, who among us, working a regular job and having a regular life has that kind of time? The same people also post at Huffington, and harrass people like Juan Cole and others in the comment sections (people have forwarded me these things).

* modicum of evidence, which he has started attaching at the bottom of the blogs, misleading people into thinking his analysis is already confirmed by many people.

These are people on a mission. It is to build a sense of intuition about these policy topics to be expolited when the right time comes.

Who can possibly be this focused on one singular message in their normal lives? No art, poetry, no sharing of any writing or engageing any discussion about any other subject. Reads more like an agency than a person. Just read it and judge for yourself.

Still the answer isn't to attack the site: It has been very good for all of us to see what other sectors of Iranian society thinks. I don't think any other place on the Internet has been this educational. The nature of the Internet is such that these types of propaganda can and will be posted.

Instead of blaming or boycotting the site, you should write more to educate the people to make more informed decisions.

Majid , that is totally an unfair and presumptive question. Why do you visit the site? Javid has probably heard more complaints about mundane and trivial things then anything substantive on the site. People may visit for all kinds of reasons. Implying they should "love it or leave it" is just as much attack against freedom of speech as anything the blogger is suggesting.


Here is what is shameful

by Fair on

A man named Mark Pyruz, sitting in America, standing up for rapists who rule Iran through thugs, prisons, torturers, and executioners, and turning his back on innocent Iranians calling them subsersives, while they are being murdered and raped in the name of Allah.


WHY you guys visit this site to begin with?

by thexmaster on

Majid, its pretty clear they're trying to sway opinion on these pro-Iranian freedom sites and propagate this fascade of the IRI being a tolerant, democratic and free government.  As we've seen in the past year, this fascade has been shattered and now the IRI and its cyberbasij are on damage control full time. 

Agent pirouz is probably on atleast 5 sites, and usually posting first on the NIAC blog because he thinks thats were he can be most effective.  However, you can clearly see his poor arguments destroyed time after time.  I mean, after the world has witnessed the true monstrous nature of the IRI with video and photographic evidence their arguments are just going to be incoherent and downright laughable.  How is it possible defend a government that condemns a woman to death by stoning after beating a confession out of her, then going after the lawyer and arresting his wife because this abomination of "justice" has come to public light.  I suppose anything is possible with money.


Just a civil question.

by Majid on

  If that's a problem with you (and apparently it is) then WHY you guys visit this site to begin with?     Please no name calling and attack to any member, just answer my question.     Thanks 

Sargord Pirouz

Yeah, Javadagha,

by Sargord Pirouz on

Yeah, Javadagha, unfortunately I have to agree with you.

The underlying problem is that some of the active forum members on this sight are maladjusted exiles. They really had their hopes up, post-2009 election, that their social standing would be returned to them through regime change in Tehran. Now that that's been exposed as a pipe dream (once again), they've become ever more rabid with hate. You see this psychotic frustration exhibited over and over again in the writings of Fred, Amir, Fair and a few others.

It's really shameful, I agree. And not a little bit embarrassing, at the same time.