United Nations' move to Tehran


United Nations' move to Tehran
by Javad Yassari

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets cleverer and cleverer every single day.  Remember his proposing that Israel be moved from the Middle East to Alaska a few years ago?  That proposal did not go over very well, as I recall.  His latest clever proposal is for the United Nations to move out of New York, where acquiring US visas has been made increasingly difficult for many with a UN destination, and to move it to....Iran!

Think about it for a minute!  What would a United Nations located in, say uptown Tehran look like?  It's not that bad, really.  A couple thousand people will have to relocate to beautiful Tehran, finding themselves housing which would no doubt help boost the local real estate market.  Every female delegate and employee of the UN will be nicely attired in roopoosh o roosari, and none of the men will have to wear ties or shave everyday anymore. 

The new UN will no longer need to insist on sending inspectors and monitors to Iran to watch its human rights situation, for all the monitors will already be stationed in Tehran, not too far from Evin prison.  Just think how much fun it would be for UN Security Council, yeah, they'll be in Tehran, too, to pass resolutions against Iran for its nuclear program or for its violations of human rights!  Yippee!  It will be a national celebration every single day of the year!  Basijis and dedicated "students" will show up to cheer UN in its mission outside the UN Complex in uptown Tehran everyday, providing a supportive and peaceful environment for UN to carry out its responsibilities!

It will be a win/win situation both for the UN and for Islamic Republic of Iran!  And a good time will be had by all, while UN staff, much like all Iranians, drink in the privacy of their homes, wearing what they want, and observe Islamic rules of conduct in public, helping to upkeep the image of the Islamic country which is their host!  It'd be just perfect!

Seriously, what is Mahmoud thinking?

news source:  //radiofarda.com/Article/2009/01/11/f7_Ahmadinejad_UN_reconstruction.html


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to the informer

by IRANdokht on

(which means "jasoos" by the way)

This is about the UN headquarters not the branch offices!

a little less jafang and more attention would go a long way... 



You should think out of the box

by Alborzi (not verified) on

You are taking it too literally, think out of the box, Iranians do not have a khar dar thing, they can theoretically do, what he meant is that NYC was not one of the ten commandments and maybe it can be moved to a more neutral place. Not that the imperialist care about what the UN says, look at this, its just ridiculous they made the resolution then abstained now that is really fascinating

Kaveh Nouraee

HaHa/ Informer

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Meimoun Antarinejad wants to be a landlord now.

Informer: You hit the nail on the head. Some people are too busy trying to appear important and intelligent, not realizing that appearances are only skin deep, while stupidity, arrogance and ignorance goes clear to the bone.


UN out of NY City, The UN out of the US

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

It can be sooner the case as we can ever imagine. However there will be also no Veto right anymore. Greeeting


For the highly educated pseudo-intellectuals here who are also

by Informer (not verified) on

Quite arrogant.

The UN already has a huge office in Geneva, Switzerland:



I would move ...

by ./. (not verified) on

If I had the power, i would move UN to Sistan and Balouchestan (may be Zahedan city). Let those terrorsits that US and Israel are arming in that border area deal with the UN members. The UN being in Sistan would also help the economy of that poor province in Iran. Pakis will also shut up since UN will be next door to them.


Nice one Mr Yassari

by IRANdokht on

Mahmood's gone mavericky again!  LOL 

Probably "ghad alam kardeh" (pun intended) for the elections... 

but will it really be a bad thing if they move it to Switzerland or the Scandinavian countries?

Thanks for the post


Behnam Khazar

UN out of NY City has my vote too, but

by Behnam Khazar on

Dear Kurush,

I for one have no issue with UN moving out of USA; it could be a very good idea.  However, among all the corrupt countries in Africa or the Middle East, which one you favor as a substitute for NY City?  At least you may suggest some neutral and more palatable countries such as Sweden, Norway or Switzerland.   Or do you have any issues with western civilization as a whole?

And for that matter do you really think if all countries of the world fairly vote for a replacement for UN headquarter, they vote for a backward country in Africa?  No matter how you look at it, any fair minded foreign diplomat whether he/she is a devoted religious person (moslem, jew, christian, hindu, …) from religious freedom point of view or whether he desires a good looking blonde blue eyes prostitute free of STD and no fear of extortion, he prefers NY City with all its amenities over any oasis in most other places in the world.

Furthermore, you’d better be more accurate in your statements; when was the last time a UN Iranian, Syrian or Libyan diplomat were denied visa to attend a legitimate meeting at UN?  Your favorite, Mr. Ahmadinejad and Chavez are attending UN annual meetings on regular basis.  Only sickness can keep Castro away from UN and not US state department.   

UN may be a boost to NY City economy, however, almost all the expenses are paid by Federal Government, that is my and probably your tax money, if you happen to be a tax paying US residence.

Last, before you degrade and cuss my Qajar mentality, why don’t you tell me about your own mentality.  Are you one of those “Blame American First” mob?  I understand in some circles, this type of mentality is considered to be hip and intellectual.  Brother Kurush, please jump off your high horse and let us walk together.


The UN out of the US

by Kurush (not verified) on

The perfunctory viewpoint expressed in this blog meaning to ridicule Ahmadinnejad missed the jist of what the Iranian leader had in mind. The UN Security council, for all practical puropses, is under the Western Imperialists' thumbs: three of the five permanent members, France, Britain, and the US, are the former colonial powers and are all members of the NATO. How much more unjust may that be? These three powers with a combined population of less than 400 million represent less than 10% of the world population but hold 3 of the vetos out of 5 on the Security Council. Any dimwit would tell you that is inherently unjust. The UN Security council for all practical puroposes is a rubber stamp for the NATO and the Western imperialists and bullys. Furthermore, the location of the UN in New York is a great economic boost to that city to the tune of billions of dollars, other member nations do not get such benifits. Furthermore, as has been often established, the Americans have engaged in the wiretapping of the officails and the UN representatives of other nations, as was the case with the Chilean delegation before the Iraq invasions. The Chileans were wiretapped by the US espionage agncies to manipulate their vote in the crucial UN resolution towards sanctioning the invasion of Iraq. And yes, the US quite often denies Visas to member countries which are in disfavor in contravention of the UN rules which requires the host country to expedite and facilitate the entry of the participating members. Ahmadinnejad is absolutely correct. It is time to move the UN out of the US and relocate it into any neutral country. I personally favor Africa which has perenially been exploited by the West. The opinions of this blog show the perfunctory nature of some of the bloggists and a reminder that the Qajar mentality in some Iraninas is well and alive.

Behnam Khazar

Go for it AhmadiNejad...

by Behnam Khazar on

The funniest part is the arrival of Israel delgates in Tehran; First stop Imam Khomeini International Airport, may be occasional dedication of wreath of flower at his Mausoleum.  I love to see that.


What Antarynejad is not thinking

by Iva (not verified) on

is the cost of up keep of UN, supposedly shared among member nations, however, many don't pay up, therefore, US is stuck with the UN bills. If interested, you can do a research on the subject.

I believe, Antarynejad has watch many "boost yourself up" instructional videos .. he is trying everything to impress people ... however, he has not realized yet that people who believe in hocuus pocuus of islam and particularly invisible creatures with force equal to their moon god Al Lah are simple minded folks. He really doesn't have to go to this extend.



by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

Rude, arrogant and nice. He's a moron, but some of his comments just hit a home run.

Nice blog btw Javad