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Javad Yassari
by Javad Yassari

In a recent blog, Ms. Monda has presented a list of new Persian words and expressions now widely in use by the younger generation of Iranians.  A linguist once told me that introduction of new words into a language must never be frowned upon, because it shows that the language is alive and dynamic.  He said the superficial words will disappear in time and useful expressions will remain, enriching the language.  Trying to keep up with the Persian language development all these miles away from Iran, however, can prove to be a daunting task!  I understand "eyval" and "endesheh," but some of the other words are a bit harder to decipher and understand.  I leave a video clip of Iranian singer Hossein Mokhteh's latest song, "BF" (Boy Friend) with you.  I would like to invite you to help write the lyrics down and then decipher them.  It may not be the most sophisticated song, but the exercise might prove fun and helpful in decoding the new lingo.


خانومه که  بیسته توی کوچه می گذره، مال کیه؟

خوش به حال بی اف اش، خوش به حال بی اف اش



بیسته:  خیلی زیباست

بی اف:  بوی فرند، دوست پسر



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Dear Mr. Yassari

by Monda on

Did you leave this most important project behind?!  I listened oh maybe 30 times to this clip and just could not decode any more than you already have!


Javad Yassari

A little more progress

by Javad Yassari on

آره پسرخاله ام اپراتور شرکت نفته

واسم پارتی میشه میرم سر کار آخر هفته

میگیرم حقوق یه میلیون

می خرم واست طلا جواهر  و یه سینه ریز برلیون



واسه عروسیت جشن میگیرمو باغ درندشت می گیرم

می سازم واست زندگی راحت

مهریه ت هم سکه می دم و سهام عدالت







by capt_ayhab on

I think that we are witnessing advent of [slang - Urban] language in Iran. Made possible by internet.

Some of them are so cute though like Amar dadan, which has one just it in English[giving digits].




chin chin e baaz e daamanet...

by Monda on

I think it means she can open her legs well, hinting at the woman's passionate quality?

I will be back with a good farsi font.  

Javad Yassari

Ms. Monda

by Javad Yassari on

Thank you for offering to help!  Hossein Mokhteh is the singer, and he is "signing" the song by mentioning his name, Mokhteh, and then rhyming with it, Okhteh.  At least that's what I think!  I know the other two singers also come in at some point and "sign" their names on the song,m too.

I think if we each do a few words that we can transcribe, putting it together shouldn't be that hard.  Then would come the fun part of deciphering what those things mean!


مخته، اوخته


Translation Please at your convenience.

Javad Yassari

Minor progress!

by Javad Yassari on

دل پسرارو یکی یکی داره می بره، مال کیه؟

خوش بحال بی اف اش

آمار نمیده با کی داره می پره، مال کیه؟

خوش بحال بی اف اش، خوش بحال بی اف اش

جیگرشو واسم بیاری تا که بخورمش پخته، پخته

وای فداش بشم که مخلصه (؟) مخته، اوخته




Deciphering is hard on this one I tell you!

by Monda on

I can't wait to read everyone's here! Fantastic blog Javad aziz. Thank you.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

there were a few expressions used in the song.  i wouldn't necessarily call them new but perhaps terhuni expressions. 

"amar nemide ba ki mipareh"

amar dadan = giving information; paridan = mingling, consorting

i let others do more "deciphering."  thanks for the song; however, i prefer the "zedbazi" coming from bache mahals in tehrun rather than bache soosools from tehrangeles. :)