Grow up Mohammad Parvin!

Jason Barakat
by Jason Barakat

Mr. Mohammad Parvin is seriously pathetic. I did the fatal mistake of signing up for his so called Human Rights organization’s mailinglist, hoping I would get updates on the human rights situation there and reasonable action items one can undertake to help improve it.

Instead, I am getting bombarded about Mr. Parvin and the Mujahedin terrorist organization’s one-sided vendetta with NIAC. (I am seriously suspicious of Parvin’s links to the Mujahedin terrorists – they always seem to be a bit too well-coordinated in their vendetta with NIAC).

It’s as if Mr. Parvin doesn’t care about human rights in Iran, because all he (and the MKO) seem to be focused on is what is NIAC doing and how can they sabotage NIAC’s efforts.

Apparently NIAC is hosting a conference on Capitol Hill on April 8 with Senator Dianne Feinstein. First a friend sends me a letter from the Mujahedin urging people to disrupt the event, and only hours later I get an alert from Mohammad Parvin with a petition against the event.


Grow up, Parvin! Focus on human rights in Iran and try to do something constructive for a change. You can’t base a successful organization on the idea of solely reacting to what NIAC is doing.

It seems like Iranians of Parvin’s generation do not have faith in their own ability to succeed on their own terms. Rather, their entire being is dedicated towards making others fail. How pathetic.

With “human rights” activists like these, no wonder Iran is in a mess.

Mr. Parvin, I – and I believe my entire generation born in the 1970s and later – cannot wait for you to retire.



My oh my...

by Michael Mahyar Hojjatie (not verified) on

When will the endless bickering amongst our people STOP!!!!!!


Any negative facts about NIAC?

by Mehdi on

I have heard fair amount of rumor and negative opinion about NIAC (see masoudA'a comments) but I am yet to see any facts that is actually negative about NIAC. I wonder why there is so much attempt to stop NIAC and there is no reasoning given for it. The only thing that I have heard is that because NIAC is not actively working towards a violent or otherwise regime change in Iran, that makes it a bad organization (suposedly makes them responsible for all problems in Iran).


I support NIAC and believe they are the best organization for Iranians right now. I'd be interested to know any negative facts, if there is any. Otherwise, can somebody tell me why some people are so hard against NIAC?



by masoudA on

woooow - who could argue your kind of reasoning ?!!!!  



masoudA: don't make me laugh

by Q on

"NIAC is selling out Iran",

Nonsense. Who has kept Mullah's in power for the 27 years before NIAC?



by masoudA on

Dear Jason -

Don't go around making comments way over your head befor you know the facts about Dr Parvin, MEHR or NIAC.  

NIAC is selling Iran out - and you seem to be clueless about it.  Check out on Trita Parsi's testimonies in front of congressional hearings - he is working hard to keep the mullahs in power.  If that is what you want too - then...............


Parvin and hassan Dai al Islam

by rezashirazi on

Parvin has supported MKO in the past and Hassan Dai al Islam who his sister and Brother are both in camp Ashraf in Iraq are all MKO supporter and follow the MKO policies.